What is Love?


What is Love?

I see people who still ask…

What’s more important in a Relationship? Is it LOVE or COMMITMENT?

And I’m like… What’s the difference?

And then someone sent me a broadcast the other day.

It says….

Love Doesn’t Guarantee the Success of a relationship

Here’s the conversation that ensued

Olalekan: It’s love that guarantees the success of a relationship!
Love isn’t just emotions. Not a word. Not mere feelings.

Inquirer: Really?

Olalekan: Yes!

Inquirer: Love alone can’t do that boss. Love alone can’t make a relationship work.

Olalekan: What else can do it?

Inquirer: Commitment, Understanding… And so on.

Olalekan: What is love then?

Inquirer: It’s a feeling towards someone.

Olalekan: No! That’s only true when you pick it on the surface.

Inquirer: K

Olalekan Adebumiti: If love is a feeling… Then one can marry one’s enemy!

Inquirer: So what?

Olalekan: Love is a compound word… Like a tree, has roots, leaves trunk and branches.
It’s like the air which is a mixture of gases.
Love doesn’t function on its own. It is made up of many elements.

Why do ladies say “He doesn’t love me, because he is not committed”

Why do people say…

If you love me, you’ll care for me?

Why do they say…

If you claim to love me, you’ll understand me?

In fact, if your guy says he loves you and you see that he’s not committed… You’ll not believe that the next time he says it.

Olalekan: Many things make up love.
Acts of service
Cordial expressions
Good Character,
Outstanding Attitude.

Inquirer: Uhmmmmmmm. Thanks

Olalekan: To crown it all,

If anybody says they love you…

You won’t believe until you see some traits of… Commitment, Care, Act of service… Etc. Am I right?

Inquirer: Yea

Olalekan: If love is feelings…

You’ll be in trouble by now…. Because you won’t know who to choose among those you have feelings for.

Inquirer: Sure

Olalekan: Now you believe that love is not mere feelings?

Love doesn’t have a standalone system.

Many factors grow or destroy it.

Though love acts through feelings: Feelings is the currency of love.

Let me say it again – FEELINGS is the currency of LOVE.

For instance…

If someone buys you something, you would *feel* great and therefore tell him *my love for you has increased.*

If they do something that hurts you, you will *feel* sad and so will tell them, my love for you has decreased.

So *feeling* is the thermometer of love!

Here’s more.

On the surface, feelings can help to ascertain love.
When someone speaks your love language, you tend to have feelings for them. The feelings can then metamorphose into a deep affection.

But you shouldn’t let that cloud your judgement of a good partner.

Love Languages can be deceptive!

That you have feelings for someone isn’t enough to say you want to spend the rest of your life with them. You’ve got to put the feelings on a long-term Check.

Inquirer: Hmmmmm. ?k boss

Olalekan: Love wins!
You’re blessed!


Now, what do you think?
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