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If there is anything that keeps me going, it is embedded in this:
I want to wake up one morning and my name is all over the news as one of the men who changed the world for the better. What about you?

I am Adegoke Olalekan Adebumiti. I have been a Motivator and a Counsellor all my life.

Here is a proof:

I was breast-fed for three good years. Then, I wouldn’t just give up sucking. The family tried their best possible, but I wouldn’t just give up. I motivated my mum each day to continue giving me brest milk – who doesn’t like what is good?

They tried and tried, deviced so many means and were able to win at last; but not until after 3 good years. Smiles.

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If you would ask me how I came about being what I am so far, it would be simply because God designed me for that. And I did myself much good to have embraced my passion earlier enough.

I love to see relationships and marriage bask in unending bliss. I love it so much when I see people who can express themselves verbally well. I just love to see people live in a world that is full of limitless love and inspiration. A place that is free of hurts and pains. My wish… Lord, please make it hit reality!

Thanks for being here. I love you.

With joy from my heart, I unveil this:

Loversify is a community that is born out of Compassion to help all and sundry. It is a place where self-help is redefined: you can find help easily. My team and I will always want to be here morning, night and noon, making sure you have all it takes to move on in life.

Slogan: “All you will ever need.”

To help you understand us, I would put it this way.

Love: Friendship, Relationship, Courtship and Marriage.

I know how it is to be loved. I sure know the adverse effect of hatred on love and relationship. I was born into a polygamous setting (My late dad married 5 beautiful wives, my mum being the first) and I sure know what it takes to fall prey of this kind of a marriage. It is a no-go-area for you, if you are not married.

Looking around the world again, I see and hear homes falling apart. The rate of divorce is insanely increasing per day and breakups from relationships and courtships come at alarming rates.

Bringing this together, I see the need to help, in the best way I can. Because, I desire a world where successful relationships outnumber the broken ones. I just want to help.

I will be committed to the practical teachings of Successful relationships – a promise I  will keep.

Life: Give Daily Inspiration and Motivation…

So far, I have discovered that no matter how talented, brilliant, ambitious anyone is, there is need for some motivations.

With no gainsay, everyone at one point or the other has a reason to give up, seeing the defeat that comes with all challenges of life.

In the absence of great inspiration cum motivation, many who are supposed to get to their place of fulfilment have given up on the way.

When I hear or see such, my heart bleeds! As a result, the commitment to give doses of inspiration to those who need it comes without any bargain.

Living: Helping you earn a Living, Help Grow your Business…

It is funny how people have only heady knowledge when it comes to making money. For some, you will agree with me, if all it takes is to think about making money – to just think – there will be countless billionaires today.

You have ideas from which you can make money? Do you want great fortune out of your small scale business? You need an eye-opening ways form which you can earn a living? You really want poverty to end in your lineage? No matter how small or great you want to be as far as wealth and riches are concerned, we want to help.

Help because, I hate poverty!

Leadership: Self-development, Career Development, Family Building, Parenting…

Leadership is a word whose use is becoming so outdated in the century we are in. We wake up every day to see the shame that those we call our leaders are living in.

And looking at our youths, there is growing tendencies of us ending up to be the worse of the bad our leaders have been.

This madness must stop. Or what do you think?

You want to have outstanding leadership skills? We are so willing to help. We want to help build your career to last, if you will only allow us. Wouldn’t you?

We are Loversified. We are Inspired to love and Motivated for Change!

We are Excellence-oriented, Result-getting and Success-bound.

You want the best out of your life? Then Loversify is all you will ever need.

We urge you to be part of this movement!


  • Help you find and set your feet on the path of the Love than wins
  • Help you build your dream to last!
  • Nurture you to the great height you would ever desire.
  • Show you means by which you can earn a living.
  • Inspire you to be an element of change to your world
  • Help you nurture your gifts and talents to fruition, expressing them to the fullest.
  • Help bring out the creativity in you.

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  1. I want to be part of this movement in fact it is all I need now.. I want to make an impact too… how do I subscribe to the movement?

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