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Sad Love Status for Facebook or WhatsApp? Sad L0ve Status in English? Or the Best of Heartbreak Status? You will get the best on this Page

Since WhatsApp takes 140 Characters for status updates, most of the Sad Whatsapp Status on this page can readily fit into your status. And since Facebook can take as many characters as possible, you can copy and place the whole status and use as your Sad Facebook Status.

Hint: When you click any it the titles or the *Read More* button, the status opens on a new page. With that, you can come back to read another one if the one you clicked on wouldn’t perfectly fit.

 Again, each status has an explanation that precedes them. So you need to only copy the part that is put inside a block quote.

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Are you ready?  Here are Classical Sad Love Status and Heartbreak Status you can use as a status on Facebook or WhatsApp.

1. I Don’t Want to Go Back

You know how it feels when it’s like a journey in forever land and it suddenly turns a dead end?
That’s what happens when you’ve gone so far in love with someone and it suddenly ends. Will you hurt yourself for it? Don’t! Let it go… Such is life!

If a relationship has given you the worst of the best they had, another one can sure give you all their best possible. , so let it go.

Well, this sad love status will help you tell how that feels.

1. I’ve gone so far with you. I would get lost if I have to go back.

2. Goodbye to You my Love

If we think of the moments we’ve shared together and then the sudden realization of a heartbreak, chances are that we would want to think of things that would hurt the other person.

Instead of doing that, just wish the person a goodbye and hope that God will bring the best your way. My friend, a payback will sure break your life, so let it go.

The sad love status below will help…

2. I’m scared of hurting you, so I say… Goodbye my Love.

3. I Will Always Remember You

To forget people isn’t that easy. Yea, the brain isn’t wired with a great undo button when it comes to forgetting some past moments.

Funny enough, it keeps even the moments that we would rather have forgotten.
So, it’s not really easy to forget people, especially those who once did matter to us.

Are you in that mood now? The sad love status below will help. You can send it to them or use it as a status.

3. As we part in search of our places, I’ll never forget to always remember you.

4. Safe Journey from my Heart

I know how it feels when we part with the one who used to be our all, our muse and everything else that’s good as far as relationship is concerned.

I sure know the feelings that come with seeing such a person depart from us, whether it’s something we had to do by compulsion or the other way round. No matter what it is, we should remember that not all who come into our hearts will stay in there forever.

So, when you find someone leaving your heart, even if such is someone you really used to love, just let go and expect another one.
The sad love status below will help.

4. Safe journey from my heart. I wish we were going the same way. I love you still.

5. Life is Really Unfair

Every romantic relationship has a good start, you know. Everyone would experience those rapturous feelings that seemed perpetual at the start and then the dwindling moments would set in.

For a relationship that’s bound to end in a breakup, there’s nothing magical you can really do to avert it; the awful moments just set in and thereafter comes the unthinkable end which justifies the long-term experience.

That’s how you feel? Then the sad love status below will help.

5. It started like it will last till eternity and ended like it never really existed. Life is really unfair.

6. But You are So Far Away

Nothing is as heartbreaking as trusting to have a deeper experience of romance in a relationship and then it all ended abruptly. It’s a menace with an impact that is too big to be measured. You start a relationship and it began to grow until it suddenly started to take a downward turn; especially when it’s ending when you need a help the most… What would you do?

Just use the sad love status below and don’t forget to move on.

6. Now is the time I need warmth the most, but you’re far away.

7. When Next I Love You

If you ask many people about how their relationship broke up and they are willing to say it as it is, many would blame it on their own frailties.

Factual enough, the majority of people that break up a relationship would later get to know that they were the prime reason their former relationships ended.

But, how many people can really own up to that?

My friend, don’t shy away from the truth: if your relationship ended because of your negligence, make it known and you would have helped yourself against the same occurrence in the next relationship.

If you want to do that, the sad love status below will help.

7. When next I love you, I would learn to also keep you.

8. Please Come Back to Me

The news broke and the unthinkable is heard. The one you thought would never call it quit just made it known. Even though it’s like a dream, the reality is obvious than your wishful thinking.

Hearing them say goodbye through text or on the phone wouldn’t stop to irk you and you just don’t want to believe it’s really the end of it all?

The sad love status below will help. Who knows maybe they will be back again.

8. Your ‘Goodbye’, I know was a joke. Please do not take long.

9. Life is Now Meaningless

For those who know how a heartbreak feels, “life is now meaningless” would be an understatement.

When you feel emptied following a breakup, the sad love status below might help. This status is typical of ladies. Lol.

Remember… It’s not the end of your life!

9. Life’s become meaningless since you packed out of my heart. I wish you never left.

10. Should I Still Wait for You?

Saying goodbye is not really easy for those who understand what it means to watch someone so dear go. If you have once been there – or you are there presently – you sure know the feelings that come from the least of such thoughts.
To see the end of a successful relationship is worse than the worst of nightmares. And what if it happens to you?

If it does, that’s not the end of your life, of course. Just move on, even if you will still need to use the sad love status below.

10. Up until now, I’m blank. Should I go or wait here for your return?

11. I Never Doubted Your Love for Me

Many relationships break up for reasons that are too deep to be understood; one just discovers they can’t continue with a relationship for a reason too unfathomable. They just have to move on even if they never doubted that the other person has been such a great lover since they ever crossed paths.

You know what? Such is life!

Just move on once you find yourself in such a situation and hope for a better future for each of you.

At such times, the sad love status below will help.

11. Even though it turned out this way, I’ve never ever doubted your love for me. I still love you.

12. You Need to Know the Fate of Your Next Lover

Sometimes, it is better we say things the way they are. It is better we call the spade a spade.

Truly, some people are better not left to go out of a relationship. When you let such go, maybe ignorantly, you might discover you have lost a fortune and there’s really no going back.
At other times, it’s possible you discover your ex had lost a great fortune by calling it quit with you.
Whichever category you belong to, either of the sad love status below will help.

12a. The one who has you next is fortunate forever. The former was lucky until now.

12b. The one who has you next is unfortunate forever. The former was unlucky until now.

13. I Want to Be Around You Still

I would love to say it over and over again that letting go will always remain a hard decision to take. In fact, letting go of one’s lover is one of the hardest decisions any mortal can make.
Who wouldn’t love to perpetuate a lovely relationship? No one, I can bet! But shit happens, as the saying goes.

And if it happens that you don’t want to let your lover go, even if the wish has no guarantee of coming to pass?

Then the sad love status below will help…

13. I want to be around you still. Will you let me do just that?

14. Love is Better Discussed than Experienced

Do you have the feeling that you should never have started this relationship than being in the present situation you are in?

If I wouldn’t deceive you, I’d say it’s very normal for many people, especially those who later discovered a relationship wasn’t worth the time and resources they invested in it.

At such times, one would wish that love is better discussed than experienced. That’s exactly what the sad love status below says…

14. Now I know Love is better discussed than experienced.

15. I Was Once a Foolish Lover

It’s a norm to hear and see people calling themselves different kinds of names, following a heartbreak.

You’ll hear funny statements of which some will want to make you laugh your heart out.

While some say the wrong stuff to themselves, others find better words to use.

To have given your heart to someone who don’t deserve it is enough to say stuff like the status expresses.

Are you wiser now that you have called it quit? Then, use the sad love status below.

15. I was a foolish lover. Now I’m wise but it’s too late.

16. You Owe Me No Apologies

A day out of a relationship could be like a thousands of wasted moments after a Breakup, especially when it’s a relationship to which one has invested more than enough time and resources.

It wouldn’t really hurt so much if one could get every lost moments back; who wouldn’t love it?

But that’s not possible, anyways. You know that right?

Just let it go and use the sad love status below to help.

16. You owe me no apologies but the precious moments I wasted away with you.

17. I Wish I Knew Your Love Was Just a Shadow

It’s no more news that you will get a better understanding of the other person after a breakup. At such a time, you can look back to see that what your ex promised was nothing but a decorated mirage.

And if you could have known that before you agreed to go into the relationship, you would be the happiest person on earth today.

So you want to tell your ex that their love was just a shadow? Use the sad love status below.

17. If I knew your love was a shadow, I would have stopped chasing it for a long time.

18. No Goodbyes to You

Do you now realize that your ex has gone farther than you can imagine? Even though this experience is happening inside your heart, does the feeling seem so great and as thick as a wall?

Well, you are not the first person experiencing this menace and neither will you be the last!

Such is life… So, don’t let it get you down. Rather, let it go and a better one will come.

You can use the sad love status below to express the feeling.

18. There’s no need to say goodbye; you’ve gone farther than a farewell would reach.

19. I Have Been Walking Alone

Do you suddenly realize that all the super-duper ecstasy you once had towards your relationship, and your lover, was nothing but pure tales?

Do you now feel like they were never a part of your life, even though you’ve had some seemingly romantic moments together?

It’s heartbroken to see that happen! And then, it’s stupid to let the experience bury your future of merriments.

If you need to make it known anyways, the sad love status below will help.

19. The moment you backed off, it got to me that I’ve ever been walking alone.

20. Finally, You Turned the Music Off

A relationship is like a music: some get the best of its rhythms as some other persons get the worst of it.

So, when you expect a better experience in your relationship, your ex broke the news and your expectation of a more romantic relationship suddenly ends?

Don’t let it end your joy. Let it go.
And if you want to express it with a sad love status, the one below will help.

20. Just when I was about to follow the rhythm I thought would be perpetual, you turned the music off.

21. You Were a Wolf in a Sheep’s Clothing

Wouldn’t it have been so great to know a relationship that wouldn’t work ahead of time? Wouldn’t it have been so lovely and miraculous to know the exact relationship that will end in marriage and even stay a lifetime? I’m afraid, it’s not always so.

Many people end a relationship before they realize that it wasn’t actually worth it. They now sit by a corner bemoaning the precious moments they’ve wasted away and they wish they would be able to turn back the hand of time.

I’m sorry if that’s happening to you right now.

So, it’s now obvious that your ex was a wolf in a sheep’s clothing? Use the sad love status below to express that…. And remember, it’s not the end of your life.

21. Were you not a wolf in sheep clothing! Was I not a fool who fell a victim!

22. Your Love Took an Advantage of my Heart

For every relationship that shows, at least, a bit of awesomeness from the start, you would want to give all your heart to make sure you enjoy a limitless streak.

In the end, it’s either you know it was worth it all the way or find out you’ve been duped of your attention, resources and precious moments.

And the worst – you’ve been fooled all along!

So, you are going to cry your heart out? You don’t need that. Just continue your life and the best will come your way.

Meanwhile, the sad love status below can help your expression.

22. Your love took advantage of my flexibility and made me into a fool.

23. Love Never Worked for Me

Do you always find yourself heartbroken after giving your heart in love to someone you thought would walk you down the aisle someday, only for you to be heartbroken?

If yes, I know the thought and exactly how it feels; it’s like you are wrapped around by the pangs of death and no word would actually help express the sad feelings.

If that’s how you feel at present, I’ll suggest you take it cool with yourself and take a moment out to get healed from the last heartbreak before you go into another relationship.

If love never worked for you, it sure will work for you someday.

And if you need any relationship help, contact me through this email, motivatedolalekan@gmail.com.

Meanwhile, the sad love status below can help.

23. I’ve stopped believing in love. It never had worked for me.

24. I Still See You When I Close My Eyes

Oh, how memories play on our hearts! Oh, how they give us a moment in our pasts! Oh, how they deprive us of the joy that inhabits our future!

Yea, that’s the feeling when you see your ex in all you do. You close your eyes and then their picture is there, as evident as it used to be; this time, they are moving away unlike before when their thought would bring them closer!

Is that how you feel at present? Then let the sad love status below help your expression.

Remember, there’s no big deal in losing someone you once loved. Get going with your life!

24. When I shut my eyes, I see you. But I only see you walk away.

25. I Will Give You a Breathing Space

Would you dare give a part of your cherished moments to your ex, let alone giving him or her a space inside your treasured heart?

Well, nothing is impossible under the sun. And nothing is impossible with love.

It’s so possible to still have such wondrous feeling for your ex after a breakup, depending on how the relationship had ended.

It’s no big deal anyway… But I’ll advise you don’t let them take a space that will affect you in the nearest future.

You still feel attached to them? Then the sad love status below will undoubtedly help.

25. I’ll go far enough to give you a breathing space. Loving you all the way.

26. When you came to me, I should have known you only stopped by; poor me.

27. My heart still asks after you… How do I tell it you were just a mirage.

28. If I knew love hurts, I would have learnt to love the hurt. But now I’m hurt because I loved you.

29. I thought my heart was safe with you until I found it in the bin.

30. I want to say Goodbye, but my heart wouldn’t let me. It keeps beating for you.

31. We may forever be apart, you’ll never stop dwelling in my heart.

32. My heart bleeds whenever it hears love, because you left it wounded.

33. You once cared if I lived fine, but now you don’t mind if I die. Is that love too?

34. If this is Love, I prefer to be hated.

35. If you will let me love you again, You will love me more.

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