A Letter to The Brokenhearted

Hello, friend! I just thought it wise and caring enough to share this with you. It must have been hustling and hustling here and there right? And possibly, everything is seemingly not giving out what you yearned for – Such is L-I-F-E!

Did you know, “There are millions of people out there who do not deserve your love; and No matter how hard you try to give them your all and make them see the reason to love you back, you will find out in the end that you have just had a bad venture?

True love is worth waiting for, it’s worth praying for. True and undying love are worth all the patience in the world.

“The worst emotional tragedy that can befall you in life is to freely give out your heart to someone who doesn’t know how to keep it” – Adegoke Olalekan Adebumiti Click to tweet

What I am about to share with you is more than a therapy. It is sure more than a healing balm and more effective than a pain relief dose; it is a keep-it-fit-forever package for everyone who has a heart.

You see, “Doing wrongs might be as easy as breaking a glass cup, and making the other person to really forgive without no extra resentment in their hearts might be the hardest nut to crack.” Isn’t it more than a heartbreak when those we trust our lives with are the very ones that make emotional moles out of our mountainous courage?

Those we hold in high esteem are sometimes the ones who mar our indwelling joy cum happiness, rather than giving support when we so need them! It gives more than a tailspin, finding oneself in this category. And if you find yourself as a victim of this, please forgive such persons: if they knew how to treat you better, they sure would have.

Before you continue, I have good news for you: Your heart can be fixed once more. It can be perfectly healed and the scars will heal before the call of Jack Robinson. All the pains and hurt can vanish once and for all. You can get your sanity back. You can feel the innocence you used to feel back then. You can still feel whole and complete once again.

You sure can still love again, and again.

Obviously, Life is a place where everything come and go. It’s a place where people get hurt where they expect to get romantic love and showers of accolades. A place where people get jilted even after giving donkey years to grow a love. Life in short is full of unexpected hurts, pains – a den of deceivers and evil doers it is!

Painstakingly, I always wish the world would be a place where HEARTS can be valued than we value the perishables. But whenever I think how imperfect things are, I sigh.

You see, one funny thing about heartbreak is the definition of a heartbreaker: A heartbreaker is “a charming person who is irresponsible in emotional relationships.” Imagine that! Without mincing words, that he is your prince charming doesn’t mean He can’t get your heart broken. And that she’s got all that feeds your sensual desire doesn’t mean she can’t get your heart broken.

So don’t give out all you’ve got in your within just moments into a relationship. Take your time to build a mutual link that will last.

“It is a bad practice to increase speed uncontrollably on a road you don’t know where it leads” Olalekan Adebumiti.

While you give out your heart in love, find a place within you to keep it safe. People can be trusted with money these days than be trusted with someone else’s heart. Heartbreak is real and it’s everywhere. People get heartbroken every now and then. And then, the get out of jail kind of advice is for you to “Give your heart to the one who has a heart -a complete heart- and not the one who has a broken heart!”

One who has a broken heart can never keep a heart. And who is he/she that has a broken heart? Such is the one who doesn’t know love at all. Such is no one but the person whose desire is to have only a fleshly relationship with you. If you see a shadow of such, RUN FOR YOUR LIFE.

“Take time to build trust before you let off your guard, and be sure you are not giving your heart to a heartbreaker.”


When the unexpected happens, even after giving your all, don’t plan to hurt yourself. You don’t deserve more hurt than you already have. All you need to do is to find yourself a place of solace.

Create for yourself a time to get back on your feet – you will surely get back on your feet! Never think it’s impossible to have your heart back to its unbroken state, you sure can and so you will.

If no one loves you, I love you. If no one cares, I do. I just smiled… Hope that reached you.

Wait a minute…

*He has wronged you? Broken the Heart that was meant to be kept? And now you don’t feel like forgive? That wouldn’t help, you should know. Is He or She your lover indeed? Then forgive. Please do forgive those who have wronged you too and let Peace Reign.

Listen to me: that feeling of emotional downcast, that feeling of incessant hurts and pain as a result of a heartbreak is worth giving a checkup! It is sure taking measurable precautions on before it is too late. Before you live perpetually in the school of thought that the aftermath of an unexpected ending of a relationship is Just HEARTBREAK, I will have to tell you more to it.

Factual enough, Heartbreaks can dismantle what you have taken a seemingly age-long effort to build; it can make worse what you expected to come out best. It can take your life back to your bad old days. In fact, heartbreak can make a failure out of your hard-earned success, and make a void of a glorious life, if not handled carefully.

When you feel your heart is broken, you begin to see every other part follow suit. Your plans and goals would begin to run out of course. Chances are that you begin to see no reason why you should be a living soul. And the feeling of loneliness would be as though everything in your life is out of kilter.

If you have ever found yourself in a situation like this, or you are presently in it, then let me tell you the right word for it: I call it “LINEBREAK.” Yes, Lifebreak is what it is!

So when you say you are heartbroken and every part of your life are being directly or indirectly affected, then your life has been broken – you are “lifebroken.


I have seen nights turn days, I sure have seen dry oceans spread over its shore again. I have seen worst situations turn joyous moments, I have seen wounds get healed, Scars vanishes and, of course, I have seen broken hearts being mended.

Instead of breaking yourself apart when you think you have a heartbreak, sit down and do a re-think of your life. Because it doesn’t make much of sense if all you do is try to cry out your heart – your broken heart.

Think it through this way:

‘How will the heartbreaker feel at present?

How does he/she expect me to feel?

What happens if he/she sees himself/herself as the winner?

And what if he/she sees me as a loser?

And what do you think?

Don’t you think such person is going to feel like a pro, seeing you in a downtrodden condition! Then instead of helping them achieve their devilish aims, shake of their emotional dust of the feet of your heart and get back to life – back to why you are on heart; back to the path of purpose fulfilment!


Sometimes these are simply what I tell some brokenhearted people. And it is same I will tell you


Touch your heart gently… Shake it vigorously… can you feel any hurt? No! Is there any feeling of pain? No! Then shake up the dust of that thought from your mind. Your Heart is never broken!

But I understand how you feel.

2. Find a place to forgive yourself of what you ever have done wrong.

Forgive yourself of wrong ways you have walked – this one is such. When you forgive yourself, you come to the realization that you can do better – have better relationship – than this present one. And you need to ask God to forgive you of anything against His will that you did in the course of the relationship. That settles it.

3. Get up and act! Yes, get up and act, I repeat

My dear friend, there are millions of guys/ladies out there that are better than this present one you want to die for whereas such is not giving you a chance to do so. If you don’t know, I will shock you that he or she is out there looking for someone better than you; and so you too should. But don’t rush it! Take your time. If it takes you to learn happiness, learn it…

And if you find it difficult to do, kindly contact me on WhatsApp (+2348032503305) or on Facebook, Olalekan Adebumiti and I will help.

4. Find Purpose

If you don’t know what your purpose is in life, please do that now. This is one of the best moments.


“Chances are that the one who broke your heart is feeling fly as you read this. And such is really expecting you to cry your heart out. All such person is expecting is for you to be very sorrowful.

Instead of fulfilling their desires, send the following messages to him/her”

“I never thought it would heal this fast.

I never thought my life would come gorgeous again

You did your worst but God did His best.

You broke my heart and God healed me.”

“You broke the heart you promised to keep.

How strange to see me in the number!

What a bad business person you are!

Just watch me and see me come back to shape!”

To get more messages you can send to a heartbreaker,


Wait! Someone else needs to read this.

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