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Breakup Status for WhatsApp and Facebook in English

Breakup Status for WhatsApp and Facebook after a heartbreak? Heartbreak Status for WhatsApp in English? Happy Statuses after a Breakup?

You’ll get the best…

Hint: All you will see on this page are “Happy Statuses”. They are the best and recommended status to use after a breakup because they have the power to transfer the hurtful feelings inside your heart to your ex. By doing it that way, your ex will feel the hurt, pains and agony you are to feel instead; after all, they are the one who deserves to be pained!

If, however, you want Sad Love Status for WhatsApp or Facebook click this: Sad Love Status

Are You Heartbroken?

Such is life and that’s not the end of your life. Just let it go.

And remember this my friend: sometimes our scars are signs of God’s grace in our lives, a sign that we’ve been through a lot that did hurt us. Scars are a mark of our healing, a sign that we’re not where we were some moments ago.

The wounds we sustain from heartbreaks may have been deep and the night may have been darker than usual, but the truth still remains – we are still alive.

No matter the depth of gloom you find yourself following a heartbreak, the fact that you are still alive is a guarantee that you have another chance to love and trust again.

Caution: don’t let your previous relationship tell on the present one. Don’t lessen your commitment because your ex didn’t appreciate it. If you do, you’ll be surprised that the present relationship would end like the previous did.

Instead of you to keep a part of you away from your lover because of what you experienced with your ex, it’s better you don’t go into a relationship at all until you’ve been healed of the previous one and, of course, until you have found someone that really deserves you.

Now enjoy my collection of….

Heartbreak Status

My favorites:
[Status 9, status 16]

1. My Life Will Now Continue the Way I Ever Wanted

There’s nothing as great as ending a relationship and yet, you can have your heart to yourself, have your happiness and joy intact and you can even have all reasons to move on.

Even if it’s obvious that your life will go as they foresaw, it’s largely your choice to let it happen. Instead of their wishes to come to pass in your life, you’ve to choose the path of betterment for yourself. You need to and must do it!

Do you want to tell your ex that your life won’t continue like they wished? Then, the heartbreak status below will do the needful

1. It ended the way you wanted and now will continue the way I once wished – without a hurt from you.

2. The Stone You Threw at Me Didn’t Hurt Me

It’s a norm for your ex to expect you to be totally down and dejected following a breakup. No matter how you see it, it is still your choice to make it happen.

When they throw a heartbreak to you, it’s your choice to let it hit you and get you broken down or you just let it drop in front of you and use it as a stepping stone to a greater height.

Do you feel like telling them that things will get better with you, against their wish? Use the Heartbreak Status below to help.

2. The stones you threw at me didn’t hurt me, on them I stepped to a greater height.

3. This Heartbreak is not Worth My Joy

Are you so heartbroken that you can’t even estimate the horrible feelings that come with it? Or you know it’s one of those things and decided to move on?

Which one would you rather do? Well, the best bet is for you to never let a heartbreak steal your joy. Just let it go as you cling to a happy life, hoping that a better lover will surely come.

If you need to use a Heartbreak Status for that, the one below would do. Use it as your status.

3. I was sad but again I thought, it’s not worth my joy.

4. Now I Know I Deserve a Better Person

I laugh and still will laugh when I see people who would wish their life end after a breakup. Wait, is it really worth the plan or wish? I bet it doesn’t.

It’s never the end of your life even if it’s the end of your relationship. It’s therefore a choice you need to take right away and move on. Yea, move on – you heard me!

Tell them the bitterness inside your heart forever disappeared the moment you come to the realization that you deserve a better person than them. Use the heartbreak status below.

4. The bitterness in my heart disappeared after I realized I deserve a better person.

5. It Only Stole My Sleep not My Dream

Never let a breakup steal your dreams, even if it stole your daily sleep – for a while. Never let a breakup steal your life because the awesome feelings you once had has been altered.

If you feel as if the whole world is caving in on you, it’s going to be for a moment, not a lifetime. The joyful feelings you once had will come with overflows sooner than you can imagine.

You need to believe all you’ve lost will be restored again, no matter how hard it may be. Stop thinking hard… Just use the heartbreak status below. Or send it as a message to them.

5. It only stole my sleep and not my dream. Altered my feelings not my life.

6. I Was Sad but Now I’m Happy

Do you now sit, think it through and then you realize it was for a better reason the relationship didn’t work? Do you look at your life and are glad it didn’t just work out?

My dear friend, that’s exactly how you should feel and even react. You know, if they were meant for you, they wouldn’t go. Just believe that! Just do it!

It must have taken some happy moments from you, yet, you shouldn’t let it take your future. Just let it go and let the heartbreak status below help express your stand.

6. I was sad but now I’m happy because it was for a better reason it didn’t work.

7. I Didn’t Lose as Much as You Think

People often want the one they broke their heart to appear and feel so empty that they will feel like a professional heartbreaker. They would want the whole world to see how dejected you’ve been because they called it quit.

Hey, you… Don’t fall for their limited trick that doesn’t hold water! Don’t be a victim of their failure, evil plan and character decadence. Don’t be their laughing stock, never!

See… It’s your choice. You lost it, and so what? Even if it’s much, you should know you can sure get the best again. Don’t be so sad. Move on. And let them know your stand through the heartbreak status below.

7. You thought I would lose it. Yes I did. But not as much as you think.

8. I Was Wet Not Drowned

How do you feel at present? What is your mind telling you about your life? Does it feel like you’ve lost it all, drowned forever, lost in an unknown world? Is that how you have been feeling since you called it quit?

Hey, stop it! It’s not up to that. Yea. It’s not as you might even think. Isn’t it a breakup? I mean… the same breakup that happens even now and then and yet people have blossoming relationships after?

Your case is not different! You’ll get better too. The river they pushed you into won’t get you drowned; it’ll sweep you to the bank of your joy like the heartbreak status below says.

8. The river you pushed me into didn’t drown me, it swept me off to the bank of my joy.

9. Someone Better than You Took Over

As long as you believe in yourself, there’s going to be a better partner after a breakup, a better future against a horrible past and a better life against the present status quo of a life that has no definite description.

When someone says bye-bye forever and leaves your life, another one will sure say welcome, stay forever. In-between is the choice you make, whether to let your awful past determine your future or you give way to hope to work things out.

What path would you rather take? I bet you want to believe that your future will be greater and better than your ex would expect. You know what? Use the heartbreak status below. It’s even better when you’ve found someone better than the one that left.

9. When you said ‘never ever’… A better voice whispered ‘together forever.’

10. I’m Better than You Left Me

Do you need to tell your ex that you are better than they left you? Do you want to make them feel that their absence in your life means nothing? I bet you would want to.

But… Wait… Isn’t that how you feel? I mean, the feeling that they thought you’d cry your heart out and then begin the reign of a lifetime of regret? You have to feel better, my dear.

Yes. Even if the feeling is like you’re being thrown inside a fiery furnace, you are to make it end like the Golden experience. You are to let them know that you were not consumed after all, even if you were scorched! Let the heartbreak status below do the job for you.

10. The fire burnt me but now I’m as fine and elegant as gold.

11. I’m Glad You Left Forever

Are you really happy that your ex is gone forever, and praying that you two won’t cross paths anymore? And you are so happy that it ended the way it did?

That’s exactly how a breakup should be like; you are to feel as though nothing big really happened, especially when you now can see that their departure was not a loss but a gain for you.

Wouldn’t you feel on top if the world if that’s what’s happening right now? Even if you don’t feel that way, it’s going to be a gain in the nearest future. Yea, believe it. Use the heartbreak status below if that’s the case with you.

11. Your departure wasn’t a loss but gain. For now, I’m glad you left.

12. I’m Back on my Feet, Better than I used to Be

Are you now back on your feet and better than you used to be? Do you now feel so happy that the whole show didn’t end your joy? And the sad moments are now a thing of the past?

If that’s exactly how you feel, then the heartbreak status below would help you express it better. You can use it as a status update or send it to your ex as a message.

Mind you, you need to let go of your past. Don’t be down with sorrow and dejection, my dear. Even if you are not back on your feet as you want to profess, it’s going to happen soon. Just believe it. Okay?

12. I can’t be down forever… I’m back on my feet, better than I used to be.

13. It’ll Be too Late for You

Right now, the loveliest thought to entertain is the one that will make you better than your ex is leaving you (or left you). You should want him/her to see you in the nearest future and wish they’d have you back.

That’s the best payback gift you can get for them. That’s the best revenge you should actually try; they need to see you and be like, ‘is this you?’ And then a guilty feeling is sent down their spine wishing they would have you back.

I bet you want them to see you, feel and wish they could get you back and then it would be too late since someone better had already taken their place. Is that your plan? Then use the heartbeat status below or send it to them as a message.

13. When next you see me, you’ll wish I was beside you, but that will be too late.

14. I’m Going Great Still

The news is out, the verdict is set… Everyone is now on their own and it doesn’t appear they’ll cross paths again. Here you are with a quick reflection of your life. That’s the next step to take, you concluded.

You begin to ask questions, make comparisons with decisions following. It seems it’s going to continue great, even if they have left you in solitude. You thought it would end your life but you are basking in joy, still.

They wanted you to be lost forever and yet you are back on your feet. They thought they left your life a mess and it’s going great still. That’s it? Then use the heartbreak status below for them to know it’s not what they think.

14. You locked me up in a room so dark but I shine still. You took a part of me and I’m going great still.

15. Your Expectation is Finally Defeated

So your ex expected you to be down, groaning every day, crying your heart out and be left with a grieving life with no possibility of ever finding a better person?

They want you to feel so sad all your life as they enjoy their own life with a new catch while you are somewhere bemoaning a lost cause? That’s not going to happen to you my dear.

I see you getting a better person that will make your ex open their mouth and won’t be able to close it. Or you’ve found the better replacement already? Then you should use the heartbreak status below.

15. Your expectation finally is defeated; my heart has found a better replacement.

16. Someone Else Treasured What You Despised

Don’t make the mistake of being in a worse relationship than the one you just broke. If you’ve been hurt, it’s so important that you get healed before you go into another relationship. No matter what pressure you are in, don’t jump the gun of being wholehearted before you enter a relationship again.

It’s true that someone else will treasure what your ex actually despised. Someone else will appreciate the least of what you have and help deal with your inhibitions, making you better than they met you.

Have you found the person who treasures you better? Good. The heartbreak status below will be the best to be used as a status or send to them. Do it! And remember to do your part in the new relationship.

16. You didn’t appreciate the whole, and scattered it. Someone else treasured the pieces and fixed it.

17. I Smiled, Knowing You Were Gone

How do you feel when you finally realized that the one you once used to see as the centre of your world is no more what they used to be? No more calls, no more texts, no more tickling feelings and the thought about the future isn’t having their picture?

Or you woke up this morning and then you remembered they were gone. You think about it and the only reaction you could pull was to smile, knowing the breakup was worth it?

If that’s exactly how you feel, and you’ll love to express it in words, then the heartbreak status below will surely help you do the needful. You can send it to them as a text message or use it as your status update on WhatsApp or Facebook.

17. I woke up this morning and remembered you were gone; guess what? I smiled.

18. I’ve Found a Greater Love

You’ve waited for a moment and have gotten a better replacement. And the time has finally come when you feel like showing off your newly found lover and make your ex see himself/herself as the lifetime loser.

Finally, is that how you feel? I mean feeling on top of the world because your wish has finally been granted and the prayers of your heart have been answered? Yes, let’s celebrate the new one you’ve found. Winks.

Well, when your waiting has finally ended and the new relationship is worth it, be glad it happened and do your part to see the relationship bask in endless rhythms. And use the heartbreak status below.

18. All I needed was time. But greater love accompanied it.

19. I’m Stronger than You Think I am

Do you feel so strong and hearty following a breakup, whereas your ex was thinking you’ll be pulled down in shame and full of a lifetime of dejection, sorrow, agony, pains and the like?

I guess you’ve lost a part of you and really got it back unexpectedly… The relationship took a part of you and yet you are back lovelier than before? That’s a big bravo!

And I bet you’ll want to show your ex that, though you were hurt, you scaled through; though you fell, you sustained no injury. If yes, the heartbreak status below perfectly fits for that.

19. I fell but never wounded. Hurt but not depressed. I’m stronger than you think I am.

20. I’m not Missing You, Never

Oh, your ex expects you to miss him/her and, obviously, you are not missing them? And the way it’s going you are not likely to miss them a bit? That’s more than lovely and disappointing to them, you know?

I bet you’ve found someone better than they were; someone who loves you, cares for you, makes you happy and marry and value you than they ever did? Oh, you’ve found your own heart and it’s worth a show-off!

What then are you waiting for? The heartbreak status below will perfectly help you to tell how it feels to have found that special someone. Copy and use as a status update or send to your ex.

20. I’m Not Missing You, Never. I could have missed you if I haven’t found my very own heart.


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