Who is a God-fearing Person and How to Know He/She Is?

Obviously, there are many misconceptions still going on in the world today and one of such is the topic of the fear of God in relation to romantic relationships.

Every Ruth, Deborah and Delilah want a God-fearing man and so are bent on their whims to find one. Men do the same.

Who is a God-fearing Person?

Before you raise an eyebrow on my line of thought, listen to me.

I’m not denying the fact that you need to desire a God-fearing person for a relationship.

My point is, if you want a God-fearing partner, you must know what it really means to have one or be one.

Let me help your inquisition.

In reality, there are two sides to being a God-fearing person and a lot of people are only interested in just one without duly considering the other.

The two sides:

  1.  Not doing what God hates.
  2.  Doing what God loves.

If you will have a complete thought on the concept of a God-fearing personality, you need to balance the two because people can hide behind not doing what God hates to fool you.

“Oh, he doesn’t womanize. He doesn’t tell lies. He doesn’t do this and that…” You can get some examples for the female folks.

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The Problem?

I’ve seen atheists who don’t lie, don’t two-time, wouldn’t change figures at work, are very orderly, caring, and cultured.

As a Christian, would you want to marry such?

But that’s what you term God-fearing in Christianity!

Shall we shake the table the more?

The first side (not doing what God hates) can be achieved through self-discipline and anyone can do that without going ti the church.

Just so you know, a God-fearing person will also do what God loves. They’ll give attention to the things of God and will desire to have more of God. They will want to be a part of any movement that fosters God’s mandate for humanity.

A God-fearing person is concerned about the affairs of his local church. They are not the random person who goes to the church whenever such is sick or needs help.

A God-fearing person is concerned about spiritual growth and will want to do practical things to help you and themselves up.

You grab?

If yes, high five!

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Here’s more:

Someone asked, “how does being concerned about your church make you God-fearing?”

My submission is, God is as much interested in the church as a body as He’s interested in individuals. You hardly can find a devoted Christian who isn’t interested in the body of Christ.

Now, the definition of a God-fearing person (check your dictionary):
– Someone who’s devoted.
– Someone who’s deeply religious.

And the definition of a Religious person (check your dictionary):
Someone who is concerned with sacred matters, religion or the church.

You see that many people don’t even know what being God-fearing is?

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– Olalekan Adebumiti.

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