Good Morning Texts

Good Morning Texts Messages for Him or Her

This page is a collection of Good Morning Texts Messages and Wishes for that Special person in your Life.

 Enjoy it and share with your friends.

1. I Love My Life with You

From every gesture you make, from every step you take to every move you make, I see me in you. I just love my life with you. Good morning, I love you.

2. Now I Know that God Loves Me

God makes His sun to shine on me, puts me in the cycle of friends indeed and now loves me so much to have given you to me. I love you so much. Good morning.

3. My Life with You is not a Dream but Reality

I woke up with a realization that you are really mine and I’m more than glad to know it’s but realistic and not a dream. Morning. I love you.

4. Love Was a Dream Until I Met You

The thought and desire of a friend that I can trust with all of me remained a dream until I met you. Now the dream has come true with you. I love you. Good morning.

5. Good Morning to the Loveliest Person in the World

Having you started as just a wish, continued as a desire and now its reality dawn on me when I see that you’re all I ever needed. To the loveliest person in the world, good morning.

6. I Hope You’ll Have a Great Day

To the one who loves me beyond measure, to my love of life and my timely happiness, I hope you’ll have a great day ahead. Good morning my love.

7. With Your Love, my Life is Brightened

Do you know the feeling that comes with watching the darkness goes into hiding as the sun shines? That is how I always feel at the thought of your love for me. With your love, my life is brightened. Good morning to you my love.

8. I Found Love When I Found You

I’ve heard of boundless love with the streaks that come with it, I’ve pictured the thrilling effects too and it’s amazing how I see them all in you. Indeed, I found love when I found you. Morning. I love you.

9. I Can’t Imagine My Life Without You

With you, I’ve seen more than the magic of love. With you, I’ve seen romantic rhythms beyond what words can say. I just can’t imagine my life without you. I love you. Good morning.

10. Did You Hear the News?

Friends say I’ve got the best of heart, best of moments since I met you. Did you hear the news? Well, I just came to say Good morning to you my love.

11. I See Your Love Nurturing Me beyond Bounds

It’s amazing how I see care in its prime, how I feel my heart beating with unspeakable rhythms. And with each passing day, I see your love nurturing me beyond bounds. I love you. Good morning.

12. Good Morning from Me to You with Love

The moon did its worst and couldn’t shine through my night, the sun with its limited intensity can’t give light to my heart. Here you are with your love illumination every part of me. Good morning from me to you with love. I love you.

13. Our Relationship Makes the Greatest Romantic Story

With merriments that can’t be verbalized, our relationship makes the greatest romantic story, and I wish the whole world would see. Just came to say good morning to you, my dear.

14. I Love You More With Every Passing Breath

Your love gives me the best of wings to fly with every reason to be glad I ever met you. From the bottom of my heart, I’ve come to say I love you with every passing breath. Morning my love.

15. I Smile Because I’m more than Happy

I see your love colours my sky. I see your hand clung ever in mine. I see my future secure with your care then I think of you and smile because I’m more than happy for having you in my world. Good morning my heart.

16. My Day is Graced with a Thought of You

I sighed when I thought about the rigorous activities of the day, and then smiled knowing you’ll be there for me. With just a thought of you, my day is graced. Good morning my love.

17. My Every Morning Wish

I wish the birds will chorus our names and play and to the rhythms of our love as the whole world wonder aloud. Even if it seems impossible, it’s my every morning wish. Good Morning, I love you.

18. To Have You in My Life is a Blessing

I counted my joyful moments and stopped at uncountable, I think of my life so far with you and its ebullience is unspeakable. I just have to conclude that to have you in my life is a blessing. Good morning, I love you.

19. The Sun Will Be Jealous by Now

The sun only shines through my days but your love shines ceaselessly inside my heart. In case you don’t know, the sun will be jealous by now. Good morning my sunshine. I love you.

20. You’re the Reason I’m Happy

I sing because I’m always glad, dance with unparalleled joy. I find myself in merry moments because I have someone who more than cares. You’re really the reason I’m happy. Good morning from me to you.


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