How to Break Up with Your Lover & not Regret You Did

This piece might be one of those unthinkable expositions of love, relationships and heartbreaks. But no matter how you see it, I’ll encourage you to read through.

You won’t regret you ever did. So, let’s roll!

It’s a common belief that a relationship should give us all the available muse there is in the world without a moment of ill feeling, even if the reverse is the unbeatable case.

And when we start a relationship, we just want to shut out every noise against the success of the relationship. At least, it’s great to have an unrepentant faith of which I am a proponent.

Today, let’s talk about something so serious; that’s a breakup!

Before then, let me ask a question…

What does it mean to not regret a break up?

That you didn’t feel any hurt at all? Maybe not!

I love the bible for this fact… If you are unfaithful in what belongs to another, who will give you your own?

So you think you will be a serial heartbreaker and go scot free? Well, you need to know that nemesis is still at work!

It might be funny how some people end relationships thinking nothing would happen afterwards, but this I know: we all get a consequential reward for every grief we bring another person’s life.

You keep on breaking hearts and want to have a successful relationship? Ask those who have done it in the past…

And you? If you’ve had a broken relationship before now, you might have to do what this letter about heartbreak says.

The truth is, many guys already know they are not planning a future with a lady they are going out with and yet siphon all she has only to leave her with a broken life and heart. It’s wickedness at its peak. You know that, right?

So, he’s done so many things for you and because you think you’ve got a better person, you want to jilt him? Nemesis is waiting to catch up on you, like seriously.

She’s given you her heart, body, soul and spirit but because she lacks something that your sensuality can’t let go, you want to jilt her? Watch how you get a reward for that inhumane plan cum decision.

The truth is, not every relationship one finds oneself in deserves a future.

There are relationships that deserve not a moment in our future. And when we decide to end this, we might end up breaking a part of us alongside.

It could be an untold horridness if not properly done… And untellable menace when we find ourselves at the side of the regret.

One should end a relationship and life continues. Instead, I’ve seen situations where someone would want to commit suicide because a relationship just ended.

I’ve not had such experience before but know how it feels when you’ve given your body, soul and spirit to someone, trusted them with your heart but they only returned the broken pieces that seemed no one could help mould together again.

If you are on this same path, I wouldn’t want you to continue because it would only have a dead end…

Shake Your Life Off it!

Back to our Heartbreak Talk

I hate heartbreaks! But I have chosen to talk about it…

So, how will you be affected by a heartbreak?

Probably, it’s been some months of incessant romantic streaks. Your lover has given you their word regarding a lasting relationship and everything has been answering to that.

You wouldn’t even do less on your part; you’ve given them all you ever had. Your body, soul and spirit can altogether testify that he/she is the sole proprietor of your heart and so can your heart beat to the rhythm thereof.

It’s been an avalanche of joy for both of you and your friends can testify to that. Your shadows even know that it’s been awesome until now, and, of course, it’s made to last.

Hey, stop!

Take a break from that school of thought and listen to me…

Are your ears open? Good. Let’s see why we are here.

Are you ready? Okay. Thanks.

Some time ago, I called my lady and asked a simple question; here is it: “If this relationship should end today, who do you think will be affected the more?”

The question was clear to her and so was the answer she gave.

Don’t worry. I won’t tell you her answer. Smiles.

But let me push the same question at you…

So, who do you think would be at the worse end if your relationship should see a breakup, now or later?

God forbid? Awh! I knew you might say that…. Just play along.

No matter who that will be, I don’t want the person to be you.

But… What if?

So, let’s talk about it…

You see, a relationship shouldn’t really break you if it breaks up.

You should be glad it was part of the path to the blissful end and take it in good fate.

Hey, I know it’s not easy but you need to consider what will break along when your heart breaks.

Ideally, you should be able to see your ex and be willing to exchange a handshake or, maybe, a hug.

You shouldn’t see them and the only thing that comes to your mind is a wish for their demise.

You shouldn’t be finding the best of tips on HOW TO MAKE YOUR EX REGRET BREAKING UP WITH YOU. (Link Opens on a new tab). No, not the best!

A relationship should end and the two of you would still be friends. It makes more sense that way; at least, we would have many more healthy hearts than we presently have in the world.

“If – remember I said if – my relationship would end today, I’ll be willing to take her out on a date and be ready to make her smile. She will surely be glad we met and so will I. There won’t be any regrets whatsoever.”

If you would think of a break up now, can you be sure it won’t break you?

I guess you want to grow your relationship to that height; You want to even break up and not feel the hurtful feelings that people chorus about?

How to Break Up and be Happy You Did?

It’s a great adventure and very possible… But that will only happen if you’ll do this…


Isn’t it saddening that some people just enter a relationship without knowing what exactly they want?

That’s one of the worst 21st Century deceits – you shouldn’t agree less!

You know what?

Before you ever agree to date anyone, it’s advisable you decide what such relationship should add to and remove from your life; that’s why it’s great to be in love with someone that’s equal to the romantic task.

“It’s not as difficult as you think. There is still real love. That you’ve been GIVING YOUR BEST AND NOTHING IS COMING OUT OF IT isn’t a guarantee that true love no longer exists! Yea.” (Link Opens on a new tab).

If you need an example of true love, mine is. Smiles.

If you’ve ever had a broken heart, you might have to check AN OPEN LETTER TO THE BROKENHEARTED. (Link Opens on a new tab).

“I’m sorry for that break in transmission. Let’s continue…”

Your relationship should be a part of the processes towards your future. It should build you up rather than pull you down or make you celebrate a status quo.

You should set up an empowerment path for yourself in a relationship so you can say, “Well, it ended but I didn’t regret we met.”

When you are in a relationship, you should be able to see your life after it and even count the cost of seeing it end suddenly.

If at any moment you can see that there’s no really any improvements at all to any area your life, the relationship is worth a check on.

Yea, you need to pause for a while to see if it’s worth all the moments you are giving it!

I usually say –  and I’ll repeat – that, “If it’s not visible that it’ll leave you better than it found you, it’s better not be called a relationship.”

If it doesn’t, then why should it be called a relationship?

Let’s stop the daydream!

Hmmmm… Okay, I just remembered this!

My friend, do you know why someone would want to break up with you without thinking it twice?

I’ll tell you.

For you to know, you are not in a relationship only to satisfy him sensually.

Everyone needs help. And if you are a lady, remember you are called the *Help meet.*

So, don’t think all you can bring to the table is your body and little moment of fun….

Here’s a secret: as you are busy doing that, he’s looking for someone better. Yea, someone who can help his career, business and what have you!

And Here’s More…

Your partner should be willing enough to see you grow.

Enough of romantic moments that yield nothing but crazy sensual escapades!

Enough of off-colour conversations that add no value to your life!

Get up, take hold of your life and make it work…. I mean, NOW!

And Permit me to say this:

If you call someone your partner and all they do is to discuss the perishable, without any thought-provoking moments of truth, without any shot into the future to see you grow better…. Then, such is just a killer of your destiny!

You might need to run for your precious life! Yea, learn from Usain Bolt if you can.

You don’t want to be a loser, I guess.

Then, make your relationship work by making your life work.

Build your life as they build theirs…

I repeat: if you don’t see your relationship building you up, you need to pause and do a rethink.

Finally, if you can think of a breakup and you’re not seeing yourself in a corner, crying your heart out, then can break up and still be happy…. And until then, you’ve not really built a relationship that can last!

That’s all for today. I wish I’d say more than I’ve said so far, but I’m just speechless.

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Thanks for your time.

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