These messages are perfect to be sent to a heartbreaker. They are the ones to feel the hurt and pain the more, not you.

Give them the shock of their lives by sending these messages to them.

Don’t crumble your heart because you think someone broke it.

It’s time for payback!

1. You broke a heart and you can’t destroy it completely.
Is this really all you could do?
Is this where all your love games would end?
Sad news for you: my heart is back to shape! Yahoo!


2. Days will pass, new things will unfold,
Nights will become days, sun will shine again.
And gloomy heart will be full of passion again.
I may be heartbroken now, but I will be whole shortly!

3. If the dead have been made to rise, and nights always turn days,
Surely my broken heart will be mended, and I will be okay again.
Thank you for helping me to know your worth.

4. Fine and fine soon I will be,
Lovely and lovely my heart will be once again,
You call it heartbreak, but I call it a break.
Yes! A break to help find a caring person unlike you.

5. I laugh and I just laugh!
I laugh because you think you broke my heart!
How could that have been possible, when I never gave you?
Please stop feeling like an heart breaker! You lose!

6. Take it or leave it, you don’t know what love is.
I am sorry for saying yes to someone like you.
In the list of those who deserve to be loved,
I just checked your name and it’s really missing.
Good bye you!

7. Quickly, I have an apology to make
And I will be glad if you just accept it:
I am so sorry to have been your lover.
And I don’t wish to make such mistake again.

8. If your love is meat, I’m now a vegetarian
If it’s now a pathway, I will choose to walk no more!
Whatever your love is, I withdraw from!
Or won’t it be great to choose right than wrong?

9. You suddenly stopped answering your calls
And you don’t reply anymore to my messages.
You have forgotten so soon the accolades you promised!
How sad to know you are the one who broke my heart!

10. What you did to me is so cruel
Words will fail me to tell it all
You are like every other cruel guy around
And I just wished this was never you.

11. I have loved my life and really enjoyed it
But few things happened that I don’t want their repetition
An example is MEETING SOMEONE LIKE YOU again.
You broke my heart but I am okay.

12. It may take some time to heal,
But I know I will get my sanity back,
My heart was only broken not totally destroyed.
Glad that it will be back in shape sooner.
By then we will know who is the loser.

13. I made some mistakes in life
And I don’t want to ever make them again.
Number one example is: giving my heart to you.
You may be glad that you broke it,
But I will be glad too that it will be back to shape.

14. Your real name is The Heart Breaker.
And How sad I didn’t know this earlier!
But for your notice, I will be back to normal.
Yes, I will soonest. You are the loser!

15. Thank you for all you have given me
Thank you for areas you have improved me
And thank you for proving you don’t worth my lovely heart.
I will patiently wait for someone who knows its value.
Bye for good.

16. I know how exactly you expect me to feel
But for your information, I am as happy as ever.
You did your worst, and it is fine with me.
You tried to break my heart but you failed!

17. I found it hard to give out my heart
But I gave it all and all to you.
How sad to see you breaking my heart
How sad to see that you ripped it apart.
I’m sad you broke my heart, but I’m fine.

18. I used to hear the sad news all around
But I never thought I would  ever deserve it.
Now it’s happening before my very eyes.
Why did you have to break my heart!

19. The least I expected from you is heart break
But how quick you have made it left  me appalled.
I keep asking myself if I ever deserve it
But how unmoved you are about it is more than a proof.
Please, why me!

20. You used to promise you will stay forever
You promised undying love and unending care
But how soon they all ended and break me further.
My heart is broken, if only you can see.

21. So many questions in my mind with no sure answers.
So many wounds in my heart without healing.
So many hurts in my vein with no soothing relief
And how sad to know they all came from you.
My heart is broken and so sad it happened.

22. You used to be the one with the greatest love ever.
You used to be my choicest among friends.
But you breaking my heart makes my life run out of course.
How I wish this is not happening to me.

23. I still find it difficult to believe you are doing this to me.
How could you be so inhumane to treat me this way!
How could you have had the audacity to leave me in sadness!
You broke my heart. Sobs.

24. You used to be my courage when things went wrong
And my sure help in times of need.
But how this turn from better to worst still shocks me.
“Why on earth” is the question I keep asking myself.

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Pls keep your heart from heartbreakers.”


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