Why your Relationship really Sucks

Who would have expected that a relationship that started as though made from the heavens would suddenly rock bottom and then end abruptly?

At all times, it’s so hard for me to believe the rate at which relationships end these days. And if you ask, one would say we are not compatible.

Is that really the cause most times? Well, let’s consider the story below to drive home a few points to help why relationships wouldn’t stop to rock bottom.

A man gave his little son a mango seed to plant, which grew so well because it was planted close to the river.  Few years later, it began to bear fruits.

This little boy had discovered how people harvest fruits from mango trees in the neighbourhood. He wasn’t too pleased, hence, approached on how to make his own mango tree stand out in the neighbourhood.

“Father, have you noticed what people do to the mango trees in this neighbourhood?

They throw all kinds of stuff on them to get the fruits. And in a bid to pluck just a fruit, they end up plucking many unripe ones, hurting the tree. So many leaves and little branches go with the adventure to satisfy their wants.”

His father replied with a nod.

The boy continued, “Papa, I have discovered that one can actually get the best of fruits from the mango tree, if only one knows how best to pluck.”

He pointed to a long bamboo stick on the floor, to which he had tied a tin.

“Papa, this is the best way to get fruits from the mango tree without hurting it. I wonder why we keep hurting them. Maybe because we don’t struggle so much to get them grown, and probably because other mango trees can give us fruits if we ever lose the ones we have.”

His dad hailed his exceptional wisdom and decided to help him keep the plan going.

Anytime his friends came to the mango tree, and threw stones and sticks, he’d chase them. Finally, he decided to put a big board close to the mango tree, with the inscription: “Stop hurting the tree that feeds you. Use this bamboo stick.”

Before long, his inventory spread throughout the village and everybody soon stopped throwing stones and sticks but and used the bamboo stick instead. This preserved the fruits, ripe and unripe, and also the leaves and the branches.

Over to you. Do you hurt the tree that feeds you too?

The story above is targeted at telling you and me that…


Allow me to bring that story to relationships…

Often times, we treat our lovers with so much of disrespect and don’t expect them to feel bad.

Since he/she is yours, you don’t care for their welfare but to satisfy your selfish interest…

And we are so lost in this shameful act because, everyone does it.

And… If you don’t start seeing your own lover as special, who will see them as one?

And if we continue to follow the crowd on how relationships are being run, how do we expect the change that the world seeks.

If you’d stop throwing stones and sticks too…

What a wonderful relationship would you have?

If you see this relationship – your mango tree – as all you have, without mustering the thought for a substitute, how well do you think your relationship life would go?

If you would stop following the trendy ways of running a relationship and hold on to the agelong reality that every fragile heart has the tendency to be shattered, how lovely will your relationship be?

Is this You?

You care so much for fun, without considering how your lover would be hurt. You want so much of pleasure today and through your words and actions, you are closing the sources for more of it tomorrow.

I can go on and on to expand on the story above. But the last time I checked, a word is enough for the wise.

Here’s my Plea

Help sustain love in relationships by seeing your lover as a human indeed. Stop taking them for granted to achieve your aim.

Desist from playing on their intelligence to help your selfish interest.

Learn to use these magical words: Please, I am sorry and Thanks.

Let’s help our relationships grow to last this year and beyond. And as for me, that’s my pledge.

What about you?

Without mincing words, a relationship is sweet if everyone know how to put the horse of care before the cart of their needs.

More than the caution and plea, I see your relationship celebrating moments of blissfulness. I see you being happy all day. And this will be achievable because you have chosen to treat your lover as a human being that they are.

Thank you for reading.

See you next week.

So, if this is worth sharing, kindly help pass across. Thanks once again.

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