Why We Fall in Love Unintentionally

Isn’t it much of debate and more of internal struggle to fathom why we have the natural tendency to fall in love with the opposite s.e.x?

Well, no matter what your opinion or say is about this, you are about to get a ripple effect of understanding as to why you and I are liable to fall in love with that particular person. And if you want to know about unintentional love meaning, this post will give the answer you need.

To be factual, God didn’t create a living soul that has no jealousy cord that can be struck per time; neither did he make such a person that cannot be moved by a particular type of the opposite s.e.x’s body structure .

When a man sees a particular lady that whets his sensual appetite, there is a sudden hormonal spike that’s almost unexplainable, which is strong enough to create a quick connection.

Some ladies just can’t take their eyes off some handsome looking men. When they see such, their feelings quickly go naughty.

For me, I don’t like it big. The normal sizes sometimes award me the second gaze that I just must fight each time I see one. *Palms meet face.*

If you think it doesn’t happen to you that way, stop reading this piece. It means you don’t belong to this part of the world And… You can never be romantic!


Seriously speaking, it’s not wrong since it happens almost unintentionally. It’s not what you can control easily, even if you shouldn’t let it get so much into your head as long as you don’t want to fall for the wrong one.


I know you have been taught contentment in your religious gatherings. And that Jealousy seems so hellish of an art. Great teachings right?

Before you take it that far, see this: before you can practice contentment, you sure are open to the fact that there are some other things better, but you must keep your *wanting more* sense under. This means, you need to know jealousy before you can practice contentment.

To keep it short, contentment is seeing things worth being jealous of and *striving* to keep yourself from being tempted to go for them. Yes or yes?

As much as you and I know, God didn’t fashion any man to detest *the better* things when they only have *the good*; that’s where the fight between living a jealous life and striving to be contented comes in.

Though it’s unimaginable enough, how we get wound up in our thinking faculties on the issue of jealousy.

Quickly look for the delete button… Get rid of that agelong belief… Get out of that school of thought and… Now let’s come back home!

Every normal human being should feel some sense of jealousy when they see what they ever wanted with another person. What is always wrong about jealousy is allowing it to get into our heads thereby ruling us.

Don’t act on Jealousy when you know your partner is incapable of giving you what you desire.

What if they are capable and they just feel it’s not important to dance to your tune? Friend, you only need to find a way around it. But never fight it.

Without mincing words, love is a beautiful thing that must not be gotten twisted. I know you wouldn’t agree less.


When you have a friend that gives you one dollar a day against your daily 20 dollars wish, and sees another friend that readily gives you 19dollars, what would you do?

And if your spouse is now the one dollar person and you see a lovely person that can give 19 dollars, what would you do?

Hey! Don’t be too spiritual!

No matter how spiritual you are, you can’t snap at such act of benevolence.

You just must follow your sensual organs and dance – but a bit – to their rhythms.

The feeling is innate! You don’t have to grow it because you – yes you – are born to act that way. In fact, our ability to appreciate any act of kindness is on autopilot. Fast and furious!

Ideally, there will arise a hormonal discharge that will call forth a mental shift at such scenario. And almost immediately, you will grow an ember of affection for such fellow….


If I am a lady and there is a guy called Olalekan out there and exactly like me, I will likely fall for him.

That men fall in love (or fall in lust) with you is tied to some qualities that meet their sensual personalities. The same is true for women.

Indeed, if a lady is God-fearing, kind-hearted, so cool, respectful, well-mannered, and has her beginning of charity at home, then she should expect men to fall for her naturally.

And if a man has been proven to be romantic, so knowledgeable, caring and name it, like many ladies say about me, then expect ladies to fall for him as a man. (It happens to me every now and then. Please don’t tell anyone)

Pathetically speaking, it’s so saddening to see husbands that can’t express love to their wives other than putting their backs on the bed.

When you can get what you want without complaints, why can’t you give the least of what they want; and which seems so minute to what you always get from them.

Sometimes, a peck on the cheek is what a woman needs to help her out of the daily stress. Some men give no cuddling, no sweet words and they are just there!

Well, it’s disheartening to see these little things crumble marriages that are made for the seventh heaven!

Oh, you are not married!

It’s still the same principle: you need to reciprocate any act of kindness your partner shows. And the last time I checked, giving your body to a man isn’t a proof of love, as men demand.

Love is more than skin-deep! It’s to be acted out through pure caring for the other person. Yes, that’s it.


There is a way your heart is set to appreciate kind gestures. When somebody does something that’s worth being grateful for, and that someone responsible for couldn’t have done, there are some tingling sensations in your inside that tend to give part of your heart to that person.

And if the act continues, be ready to fall for real.

I am a bit of an all-rounder man, so much that I don’t really need anyone to motivate me to do anything. I don’t even need to be told some sweet words.

But… when I see a lady that is quick to follow up on my daily goals, asking how this plan or that plan went, I could “fall in likeness” for such. Smiles. That’s all I ever wanted in a lady.

Hey! If you like, start using it… I know when it’s not real. Smiles.

We all have one thing that help put others on our watch. And when such is triggered, we tend to give part of our heart to the kindhearted person.

So, you don’t want your partner’s heart to be shared with a rival? Then listen to their little requests!

A word is enough for the wise!

See you on the path of blissful marriage.

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