How to Know if Your Relationship Will Lead to Marriage

How to Know if Your Relationship will Lead to Marriage

I see people ask questions like, How do I know He will consider me for marriage? How do I know she’s going to stay with me forever? And if you’re asking the same question, I’ll say you need to learn … How to Know if Your Relationship will Lead to Marriage…

Hey, you! I know you want to have a successful relationship and would even want a relationship that will go beyond the nuptials. And I am willing to help you – if you’re ready to help yourself.

Let me make you feel high for a moment, okay? Winks.

I know you’ve found your heartthrob. Your lover is someone you can be proud of even in your dreams. Whenever you’re with them, you wish you’re teleported to a new planet with impeccable atmosphere to house the two of you in the hope to bask in an endless joy…. Forever!

Obviously, the aura around your newly found love is beyond the scope of ecstasy. Then you look into the future and there lies the bliss that words can’t help describe.


You tell yourself, heaven has smiled on you, favoured you beyond the measure of your expectations. And it’s such an experience you can frolic about all day long.

Your lover on their own wouldn’t do less: each moment with them is a proof that true and undying love exists since your shadows can tell of the magnanimous rhythms surrounding the love affair.

A look into your lover’s eyes is all you need to confirm that the union has been perpetuated in commitment and ceaseless romantic streaks.

As if that’s not enough…

They keep on telling you that you’ve got no rival. You’re the best thing that ever happened to them. In response to the romantic gesture, you watch your heart beats to each syllable that finds its way out of their lips. What more could love give – you wouldn’t stop to wonder!

Isn’t it lovely to be in such a relationship? Isn’t it great to be in love with someone who would make you feel so special until the end of the world?

You know the answer!

Hey, sit up… Leave that moment for once and let’s do reality. Winks.

How to Know if Your Relationship will Lead to Marriage?

First of all, let’s Take about Love and Relationship

Let’s start with these Common Sense Tips for a Successful Relationship

  1. Change is the first constant thing in a relationship

It’s good that you find someone whom you love and appears gorgeous to you…. But all you see in them today has limits; don’t be surprised that the reason why you want to die for your lover today might be the reason you don’t want to see him/her tomorrow.

  1. No relationship can be run on autopilot

If you want your relationship to continue working, you must not stop working on it. The fact that your Lover has everything that answers to your financial, mental and moral needs is no guarantee that they will do well in a relationship. One thing is for them to have it all, and another thing is for them to want to use it all to the advantage of the relationship.

  1. Don’t rely only on feelings

It’s defeating to see that people now enter a relationship on the premise of feelings. They just jump headlong because they think they share a romantic feeling with the opposite sex without knowing that feelings end in relationships!

Do want to read more Common Sense Tips for Successful Relationships? You’ll find a link at the end of this post.

If you agree with those common sense tips… Continue with me… If you don’t agree with them, just close this page and go sleep.


Well, in my little years as a relationship counselor, I’ve seen more than my brain can carry as far as a relationship is concerned. To be factual, I am beginning to see the youths of these 21st century wallowing in unimaginable defeat in the bid to find love and sustain it.

People start relationships with feelings but end it with reasons.

You hear folks who say *Ehm… I had great feelings for him when we started* and another one would say *See… She was so loving, humble and respectful when we met*…

Few months down the line, their once upon a time romance turned sour, the feelings they once had nosedived and they discovered right there that they are heading nowhere again!

Now you begin to hear, “He’s not caring… She nags too much… He’s too proud…. He cheats on me… She takes me for granted…” Surprisingly, most of those reasons were not there when they started. They blindly followed a path that led nowhere!

It’s one of those bizarre experiences for those who have once been caught up in the scenario. Thinking about this menace, I wouldn’t help but sigh!

Let me ask you a question:

Do you think there’s really no more love in a relationship when people get tired of it?

If you say yes, you might be wrong!

For you to know, most people get to the point where it’ll appear that nothing new will ever come out of their relationship anymore. And it’s not just that these people don’t have a residual affection for their partners again…

They are just the victims of what I call…. The Mirage Tales in Romantic Relationships.

So, how do you know that your relationship is bound to last? How do you make your relationship lead to Marriage?

The answer is readily available if you’ll read on.

Let’s Consider this Quote:
A vision without a task is but a dream,

A task without a vision is drudgery,
A vision and a task is the hope of the world.
Dinah Craik.

Did that quote up there say something to you?

Wait! Go back to the quote and read it again, slowly. Read it twice or three times to let it sink, and we will continue.

My friend, have you once had one of those lovely dreams in which you wake up defeated and would almost fight the one that woke you up?

But no matter how the merriment feelings last in the dreamland, you just have to wake up and be back to your status quo the moment reality dawns on you. True or True?

Today, many relationships are perpetually in the dreamland. And some are not ready to wake up from their little slumbers.

See this: You just heard that a new phone came out last weekend and you went straight to a dealer to buy one for yourself. When you got home everyone was intrigued about the functions and even the look of your phone, so the atmosphere left you in an indescribable awe.

Just then you told them you want to sell the phone; how much do you think the phone is worth now?

The truth is, the phone will undoubtedly be sold at a lower price than the purchase price, even if you’ve not used it at all.

That’s life for you, and that’s how many relationships are – they begin to lose value the moment they are started!

Now let’s go back to the quote.

A vision without a task is but a dream,
A task without a vision is drudgery,
A vision and a task is the hope of the world.
Dinah Craik.

1st phrase: A vision without a task is but a dream.

All that you discuss about the future is a vision that needs tasks to materialize. And without a mission, there’s no task to help the mission.

Let me simplify that:

Do You Plan the Future Together, Reasonably?

When you start a relationship, you often promise each other heaven and earth –  that’s Vision.

But do you know nothing will happen until you begin to do something about the spoken words?

Doing something about it is the mission, and what you are doing per time is a task.

If I say I promise to build a mansion for you in three years and I’m not doing any reasonable thing on a timely basis, the mansion won’t be built forever.

2nd Phrase: a task without a vision is drudgery.

It’s stupid to be doing stuff in your relationship and seeing that it’s leading nowhere close to Marriage. Whatever you do together in a relationship (that’s a task), without thinking about the future (vision) will lead you nowhere.

3rd Phrase: a vision and a task is the hope of the world

The hope that you and your partner will last is hidden in what you do together.

So, if you see that you and your partner are doing some reasonable things together towards being together in the future… There’s a chance they don’t want to lose you.

Do you understand now?

Well, that’s the end of part one.


Are You Proud of Your Role in the Relationship?

Can you remember the story of the blind man in the post about the factors to consider before starting a relationship?

We will go back to it…

You’re going on a journey with someone who you think knows the way but unfortunately doesn’t know much. And instead of solely relying on their knowledge, you go ahead to get some GPS navigation system to help.

Then each time the driver wants to go in the wrong direction, you make them know and they get on the right path. How do you think the driver will see you, compared to someone who wouldn’t mind to help?

They will surely love you and will regard you with feelings of respect and reverence.

So… If you’re in a Relationship and won’t do anything to help the relationship better, you’re an old chump! If your partner can’t look at you someday and be glad they met you as they state what they’ve gained since they met you, you’re beautifully stupid! Wait… I am not sorry for those words!

Have you once asked yourself why do you think someone will leave you for another person?

It’s simply because they found someone better! And if you can’t make yourself equal to the task, why shouldn’t they think of getting a substitute?

See, knowledge they say is power! The more you know the more you are respected and loved. You can’t just be in a relationship and all you do is to ask for stuff without giving something back to help your partner.

You wouldn’t read books that will help you grow mentally, morally, financially and spiritually; you won’t invest a dime to make yourself better and then you want a partner who would stay forever?

You have no covetable character and habit and you are as crude as you were when you started the relationship. You are so timid that the air can intimidate you.

You’re to be slapped!

To say it as it is, your relationship is going nowhere if you are not driving it where you want it to be in the nearest future.

Enough of trial and error relationships. Enough of decadent characters, defeating attitudes and demeaning habits – enough of shenanigans!

Ask Yourself This Question

If your partner comes now and says they want to call it quit, who would feel heartbroken the more?

If you feel you’ll be on the loser’s end, then it’s time to work. It’s time to start investing in yourself.

And if you are sure of yourself, your partner will think twice before they just come to tell you they are calling it quit!

Do People Love Your Person?

If people around you can’t testify that you’re lovely, caring, respectful, wonderful, adorable, then you can’t have a relationship that is going to lead to a Marriage. That’s simple because people’s say about you is enough to tell your future.

The Unexplainable Reasons

I believe you know by now that some things are beyond reasonable. You undoubtedly know that some relationships end up for reasons not known and you can beat your chest that you’ve done your best!

I understand that and that shouldn’t stop you from getting a better relationship.

In summary:

  1. If your relationship will lead to Marriage, you will be the one to drive it along the desired path.
  1. If you desire a blossoming relationship, you will work it out.
  1. Feelings alone don’t keep a relationship; there should be set goals you need to achieve together.
  1. If you and your partner are not planning towards the future in what you call a relationship, then don’t expect a thing called marriage to come out of it.

That’s all for today on…

How to Know if Your Relationshop will Lead to Marriage

Congratulations if you read it up to this point. Clap for yourself.

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Here is a request from me to you:

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  1. Thank you so much. Life is a learning process and that is what makes us better daily. Those who refuse to learn from others are to be “slapped” intensively. Reading your notes and writings are just wonderful and so edifying. I get ameliorated all the time and encourage you to keep the writing flame burning so that our lips always get busy for us to be better persons. I am your reader and follower. I am Herman Wandji.

    Thank you once more.

      1. Saviour: this is wonderful, am grateful for the insight. Keep it up because these are the things we need in this 21st century

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