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What would you do if your lover did this to you

It makes me more than sad when I hear these: “Boyfriend Cheating on Girlfriend,” “Girlfriend Cheating on Boyfriend,” “Husband Cheating on Wife,” and “Wife Cheating on Husband.” These stories break a good path of me! What about you?

It is now becoming so deafening how heartbreaks increase in the society we live. Consciously or unconsciously, we are beginning to see love and relationship in another form – the unrealistic form! And we are almost giving up to the school of thought that “Everybody Cheats.” Dear God, help us all!

Why wouldn’t anyone believe that? Why wouldn’t a man think his lady is somewhere cheating on him and the lady also would not do less? “Who knows whether he is there doing his own now,” is what we hear every now and then. Is this what you want to bank your relationship instinct on? You don’t mean it!

‘My boyfriend is cheating on me!’ ‘My girlfriend is cheating on me!’ ‘My husband is such a drunkard and a cheat!’ My wife is nothing but a whore – a cheat who sleeps around!’ are these not what we see and hear every lovely day?

And what are the causes?

Someone who wouldn’t just give what is required of them and the other who would not just be satisfied with what they have.

My friend, no matter how worsening the level of hurt you have received from a heartbreak is, your future promises enough delight more than you could ever imagine. Cheated on, molested, rejected, dejected, forsaken? Oh! Even more? All is well. You can still find love. Yes! Even more than he or she ever was.

A promise that you would let it all go? Then, cross your heart. Smiles.

Read the story below to have more than a grasp of this menace…


She could still hear the rain drop since the downpour had continued for over an hour and the noise it brought with it had woken her up. Of course she had her troubles, sleep had caught her off-guard and the sound of the downpour had alerted and startled her to consciousness.

She looked towards the table and the book she was reading yesterday night caught her attention. ‘Guilty Trips, as it reads. She quickly swayed her eyes as the word guilty seemed to irk her, picked her phone up, battery was flat, plugged it, 10 new messages, her heart raced across the room.

This is it, she thought, maybe he has sent a message; maybe her indiscretion had been forgiven. But no, it was the service provider and of course work. She sighed deeply. She had promised to not raise her hopes. She had told herself she was letting go and would suffer the consequences of her actions with no remorse or show of guilt.

But, with every second and every passing hour, the intensity of what she had lost got to her and for this time, she let the tears dropped, adjusted her pillow and had to lay her head… She knew she would wake up to a headache. She stared at the Aspirin and thought of him till she could think no more and wandered off to the Island of dreams.

Same Time

Eyes suddenly opened and he was awake. Sleep was lost and he didn’t fight to get it back. He took the remote, turned the TV on and it was on Super Sports. He adjusted himself so he could focus on the program and not what was eating deep into his soul.

He wasn’t a fan of rugby but he was looking to find a point of interest. His wish met with reality but it was quicker than he thought. He was driven to distraction which only worked for about 5 minutes before he picked up his phone and turned it on.

No notifications, he thought as much as he flung it across the bed. He pulled his duvet and tucked into bed, fighting depression. He knew he won’t find peace with his new position, so he sat on the bed, looked over to the phone and stretched to pick it.

Opening his Twitter timeline, it was almost deserted as only few people were tweeting and majorly consisted of foreigners… His hand did a quick press on the home button and he was about to fling it again when he decided to read her message one more time.

There is no easy way to say this. I can’t go deep into it but I did cheat on you. It was a night out with a friend and we have been having so much problems. I am not sure what to do anymore, I just wish to see you and talk it out.

The first time the message came in, he had just gotten back from a stressful day at work. He had stared at it in horror for close to 30 minutes. He couldn’t exactly blame her but he was hurt. He loved her so much well even though he rarely showed this.

He went over to the bar, got a bottle of whisky and in it solace was found, even though he knew that wouldn’t last. He didn’t reply, he didn’t call and that was a week ago. Reading the message again, it was like the dagger had struck again… He flung the phone one more time and this time hoped to find sleep…


Fighting depression wasn’t as easy as she thought. She stood up, and went over to the window. The lights were down and she stared into the darkness. She could relate, that in fact was how her heart was right now. Completely dark and empty.

Her mind played a few tricks and took her to the lane of how she had slept with another. It had taken few shots of Vodka and mild bravery. The love of her life was always too BUSY. He ignored and kept in touch as at when he wills, her calls were put always on hold and her messages were rarely returned. All this had only been compensated with heated romance which seldom occurred.

This new guy made her feel visible as opposed to her boyfriend’s invisible prowess. Always stick to plans, never failing, had romantic streaks that seemed perpetual. To keep it super simple, he was one of his kind. And all in an hour, it had happened and the shame had fallen on her. Shame, guilt, loss, and she was lost, all in her own mind – all within an hour!

Her alarm beeped and she ran over to turn it off, but with it was a message,

‘I am sorry it took a week, but I want to officially end things. Goodbye Kel’

She blinked and tears rolled in uninterruptedly. She sat down and held the phone to her chest, breathing with full force. Helpless she became, seeing herself as nothing but a hapless victim of wrong emotions. What could she have done?

6:00 am

He was ready for work, he was ready for a new life. He was ready for a new focus. He hadn’t had much sleep during the night and he also had officially broken up with Kel. He promised himself to balance his love life with work life next time, with that he picked his iPad and car keys, ready to leave.

His phone rang and he picked up. Confusion was all over his face as the caller delivered the message, ‘Kel had attempted suicide and had left a note on how sorry she was.’ Paul Walker had nothing on the speed he got to the hospital with. Running through the walkway and eventually meeting an attendant, “Can I See Kelly Thompson please?” She was admitted just early this morning. The attendant did a quick search with a PC and gave him direction.

He raced there and made mental prayers. ‘Let her be okay, I love her so much, I would forgive her, let her just be okay, God Please.’ He rushed into the room shoving away a nurse who told him he couldn’t see her yet. He was just right on time to when the doctor slowly said, ‘She’s gone!’

He shouted, ‘That can never be!’ as he woke up from his 3hours sleep.His body was wet as if he got a splash of water. ‘Oh! So it was a dream,’ he enunciated.

‘But now is the time for reality,’ he said, as he saw his flung phone somewhere on the floor.

He picked it up and a part of the screen is gone. ‘That is what you get when you allow emotions to judge matters,’ he said to himself, but calmly.

He grabbed the bottle of whisky and looked keenly to see the Alcohol by volume (ABV). ‘Boy, you must be so stupid to have taken 43% volume of alcohol,’ he rumbled.

He continued, ‘Now what is the point?’ What would you even gain in destroying your whole life because someone broke only your heart?‘Why would you put an end to a life that has its future in seventh heaven?Move on boy! Boy, move on!‘That it is the end of a road doesn’t mean it’s the end of a journey.‘That the day ends in darkness doesn’t mean light won’t appear in the morrow…’

[dt_quote type=”pullquote” layout=”right” font_size=”big” animation=”none” size=”1″]That it is the end of a road does not mean it’s the end of a journey. You’ve to move on friend. – Olalekan Adebumiti Click to tweet[/dt_quote]

[dt_quote type=”pullquote” layout=”right” font_size=”big” animation=”none” size=”1″]That the day ends in darkeness doesn’t mean light won’t appear tomorrow. Hang in there friend! – Olalekan Adebumiti Click to tweet[/dt_quote]

He just wished he would have enough word to describe how he felt. He wished he could have a way of making his heart forget its embittered moments.

Now he is left with just two equal and opposite decisions: it’s either he lets it go or he gives her another chance.

What should he really do? And what would you do, if you find yourself in a situation like this?

Let me answer first. I just have to forgive her. I just have to give her a second chance even if she doesn’t deserve it. And this time, I will play the role of a man better: I will not allow another man to give what I should give or do what I should do. And she must give up all her escapades, promising and showing plainly that she would be her best, with proven results.

You know why? Because, one thing is for her to be conscience-pricked enough to open up and tell me and the other is for her to just keep it to herself in the name of love.

Now back to you: what would you really do if this happened to you?

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  1. Just Av To Forgive N Retrace Our Steps, Though To Forget Wl B A Bit Hard But Trust Can Always Be Earned Gradually. Lobatan

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