Cute Ways to Say Goodnight over text

62 Cute Ways to Say Goodnight Over Text to Him or Her

Romantic Ways to Say Good Night over Text, Sweet Ways to Say Good Night over Text, Cute Ways to Say Good Night over Text.

Nothing makes a great day than ending it well with romantic expressions of love from someone so dear to you. Yes or Yes?

Well, sending good night wishes with cute texts could mean a lot. You know that, right? …

Pick your favourite, copy and send it to your Lover. If you Love it, Post a Comment and then Share…

Cute Ways to Say Goodnight Over Text

101. Good Night My Heartbeat

I wish you know how my heart leaps out of ecstasy when it thinks of you. The rhythmic beat makes expression on my face making me blush as I say Goodnight to my Heart beat.

102. Good Night my Angel

I hear that angels don’t reside on this planet, but loving you has proven that to be false. You are the exact description of an angel. That’s why I never forget to say Goodnight to my angel.

103. Good Night my Jewel

Gold and Silver, they say, are expensive. Diamond they call precious. But what are these things beside my exclusive gem! Your worth is inestimable. Goodnight my Jewel.

104. Good Night my Heart

Before you shut your soft eyelids on those captivating eyeballs, may I let you know where you stand in my life… Here. In my chest, for you’re my heart itself. Goodnight my heart.

105. Good Night my Sunshine

The stars are not too coming up tonight. It doesn’t matter because you shine brighter in my heart, more than any star. Good night my sunshine.

106. Good Night to My Merriment

You are the reason I smile and talk alone. Since I met you, joy has taken it’s permanent abode in my heart. It’s more than I can explain. Goodnight to you my merriment.

107. Good Night my Heart Desire

If there’s anything I wanna do forever, it’s loving you. And If there’s anything I desire, it’s your presence in my life. I can’t imagine life without you my heart desire. Good night.

108. Good Night my Beauty

More than a second look, your beauty commands a continuous thought. It’s what I do before sleeping and the first when I’m awake. Be sure to sleep tight, Good night my beauty.

109. Good Night My Hero

My heart has been going through expansion since you started residing there. You ways and life is one worthy of emulation. Goodnight my hero.

110. Good Night My Inspiration

The cool breeze of the night brings back sweet old memories with you and this reassures me of a worthy love story with you. Goodnight my inspiration.

111. Good Night to the Man of My Dreams

Each time I think of you, I always thank my star for making our paths cross. You’re simply all that I ever desired in my man. As a matter of fact, I have more than I asked for. Goodnight my love

112. Good Night to the Woman of My Dreams

It’s obvious that you’re God sent to me, because you are my dream come true. You are the Queen my heart longs to embrace, the beauty my eyes craves to behold. Goodnight my woman.

113. Good Night to The Love of My Life

You came into my life and light showed in my ways. Then I knew you are the brightness I desire… My long-awaited illumination. Goodnight to the Love of my life.

114. Good Night to My Last Hope

Forget about your worries, let them fade away with the evening. Look forward into the night and receive the calmness it brings. Goodnight my love.

115. Good Night to My Crown

You didn’t only create for me a palace, you also reveal to the world the hidden royalty in me. You are worth more than I can estimate. Goodnight my crown.

116. Good Night to my Honeycomb

I thought, I would loose sight of you when I close my eyes. But I just did and I had a clearer image of my honey before me. I say goodnight my love as I enjoy a satisfying sight of you.

117. Good Night to My Lifeline

Haven’t you noticed how I’m most active when with you? It’s because you are like a power source. That’s why I love you maximally. Goodnight my lifeline.

118. Good Night to my Endless Joy

It was nice hanging out with you today, I enjoyed every bit of it. Let’s hook up again in our dreams. Till then, goodnight to my endless Joy.

119. Good Night to my Honey

My day is incomplete without caring how yours went. And imperfect without saying ‘Goodnight’. I trust you enjoyed every bit of your day? Have a goodnight rest Honey.

120. Good Night to My Motivation

When I’m down, your words reassure. When I’m weak, your arms strengthen. You’re just always there for me. Your lift me soul no matter how down it is. I love you for that. Goodnight, my motivation.

121. Good Night to My Cutie Pie

The way I stare at your pictures could make anyone wonder if I’m seeing you for the first time. You appear new to me every second, love. Goodnight my cutie.

122. Good Night to My Cheerie

You smile is all that I need to snap out of my moodiness. It works more effectively than any medicine. That’s why I can’t sleep until I get a thought of it. Goodnight my music.

123. Good Night to My Song

If I were with you, it would be my pleasure to sing you a lullaby and rock you to sleep. Even now, I want to sing Goodnight songs, I only wish my voice was loud enough.

124. Good Night to My Sweetie Pie

Happy night rest to those beautiful eyes whose blinks make a spark. Sleep soundly till the morning ray falls on you. Goodnight my sweetie pie.

125. Good Night to My Darling

Now I know love is a healing balm. My heavy heart melted and my loneliness disappeared the moment you stepped into my life. You’re more than a darling. Goodnight.

126. Good Night to My Dearie

What else would anyone had wished for in a lover. You are completely whole. Even your imperfection and inadequacies are perfect. I love you. Goodnight my Dearie.

127. Good Night to My Ecstasy

Your Joy in my heart is like a flowing river that never runs dry. Your thought alone pops up strings of nerves in me, making me ecstatic. Goodnight my Joy.

128. Good Night to My Choice

You stand out among humans and singled out among your gender. If I have to choose again, I’ll gladly choose you for you are my choice anytime. Goodnight love.

129. Good Night to My Devotion

From the moment you robbed my heart, I’ve pledged to let you have it for the rest of my life. It’s my joy to love only you, for you are more than enough for me. Goodnight my Devotion.

130. Good Night to My All

Let the thought of what we share and the joy it brings usher you into a beautiful night as you lay your body to rest now. Remember how greatly I love you. Goodnight to my all in all.

131. Good Night to My Mirror

When I look into your eyes, all I see is myself. Your love for me is a reflection of mine. I wish you understand how this turns me on. Goodnight my mirror.

132. Good Night to My Sunshine

You are the sun that brightens my day, my moon by night, as I lay to rest…and the ray that comes through my window in the morning. Sleep tight my Sunshine.

133. Good Night to My Gold

Sometimes I can only wonder what you did to me. Every part of me glitters since you made your way into my life. You are worth more than an ornament to me dear. Goodnight my Gold.

134. Good Night to My Wealth

I feel filled at the slightest thought of you. The richness of your beauty and the wealth of your character is all that is needed to make a fulfilling life. Goodnight to you my wealth.

135. Good Night to My World

All that is in my world… Love unspeakable, Joy immeasurable, and Peace undeniable. The reason I feel lucky to be there. Guess what? You’re my world. Goodnight love.

136. Good Night to My Better Half

Your presence in my life means more than I can explain to me. A whole year wouldn’t be enough to explain it. With you I’m whole and complete. Goodnight my Better Half.

137. Good Night to My Help Meet

You are the perfect definition and practical representation of the bone of my bone. With you by my side, I believe I can do the impossible. Goodnight my helpmeet.

138. Good Night to My Prince Charming

You’re the most handsome man I’ve ever seen. Your handsomeness is second to none. You’re clean from head to toe. I’m favoured to have you as mine. Goodnight my Charming Prince.

139. Good Night to My Prince

You have this special way of making my heart bulge out when it sees you from afar. You drive me crazy. I love you from the sun to the moon and back. Goodnight my Prince.

140. Good Night to My Princess

You are beautiful inside out, my darling. Every part of your body as a unique attractiveness. You are every man’s dream. Goodnight my beautiful Princess.

141. Good Night to My King

I love you ways. Your royalty is another thing that thrills me. I brag to everyone about the special kind who possess my heart. You are my best. Goodnight my King.

142. Good Night to My Queen

I can imagine how you look right now in that glossy netty night wear with your glassy skin caressing the soft bed. I only wish I were beside you. Goodnight my Queen.

143. Good Night to My African Queen

I have seen beauties, but must confess yours is exceptional. You’re not only wonderfully made but also perfectly created. I’m proud to have you. Goodnight my African Beauty.

144. Good Night to My Soul Mate

You are my God chosen. You know me when I’m still studying myself. You love me when I’m still learning to love. You’re more than a soul mate. Goodnight my soul.

145. Good Night to My Favorite

You are not one of my favourites but the only one. If I were to choose between you are anything at all. I’ll unrepentantly choose you, for you are my everything. Goodnight to my ‘favo’. [Note: Favo is a short and romantic form of favorite]

146. Good Night to My Verdict

My life is like a book. You are the preface, the table of content, the chapter and all. You are the content that gives my life a meaning. Goodnight to you my Verdict.

147. Good Night to My Best

You’re not just my lover but my closest pal. You’re not just mine but me. You’re the best the that has ever happened to me. Goodnight my bestie. [Note: Bestie is a romantic form of best]

148. Good Night to My Anchor

Right now I wish I could be your pillow, so you wrap your arms around me, feeling the rhythmic beat of your heart… My wish… As a say Goodnight to you my Anchor.

149. Good Night to My Bae

As you lay your body to rest tonight, may you experience the loveliest of all nights and wake like a new born babe tomorrow. Goodnight my bae. [Note: The full meaning of bae is Before Anything Else]

150. Good Night to My Boo

Sleep thinking of how much I love you. Wake thinking of how much you mean to me. Let those thoughts brighten your face and your entire life, even your dreams as you sleep tonight. Goodnight Boo.

151. Good Night to My Limelight

The stars up in the sky remind me of your ever shiny face. The cool moment of the night reminds me of our being together. I love you. Goodnight to you my limelight.

152. Good Night to My Beloved

Your ways are pleasing to me my love. You seek to please me in all that you do. Sometimes I wonder how you grew to love me this much. Thanks my Beloved. Goodnight.

153. Good Night to My Everything

Hearing from you before night falls is a prerequisite for a sweet dream for me. I wish you have one too. And don’t forget that you’re my everything. Goodnight my love.

154. Good Night to My Right Hand

You’re my truth. You know me more than I do myself and you are the very important part of my body I can’t survive without. Goodnight to you my Right Hand.

155. Good Night to My One and Only

As you shut your eyes to sleep, remember that someone somewhere is opening his into a dream world filled with just you and me. Goodnight to you my one and only. (Remember you can use her instead of his.)

156. Good Night to My Prime Joy

I thought I would have to cross oceans to find Joy. Little did I know it was right here with me… In the love of my life. I’m happy I didn’t miss you. Goodnight my Prime Joy.

157. Good Night to My Timely Happiness

You came into my life at the time I needed company most and showed me undeserving love. My happiness has since then known no bound. Goodnight to you my timely happiness.

158. Good Night to My Sweetness

I’ve tasted honey, and much of it is loathsome. But it’s surprising how each bite of your love tastes like an appetizer. I can’t have enough of you. Goodnight to my Sweetness. I love you.

159. Good Night to My Treasure

As important as fire is to a Goldsmith, so is your love to me. I need you every moment of my life. Even as I sleep tonight, I can’t let you off my thought. Goodnight my treasure.

160. Good Night to My Future

When I say I have a dream… You are. When I talk about my vision… I refer to you. You are the reason I’m eager to see tomorrow. Goodnight my future.

161. Good Night to My Personal Person

It’s strange how we think and act alike. You have so much rubbed on me that, I’ve become you and you me. Goodnight to another me.

162. Good Night to My Emancipator

I wonder where I would be by now if you hadn’t come to my rescue. You renewed my years, making me feel like a newly born. How much I love you for this. Goodnight to you, my Emancipator.


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