Common Sense Advice and Tips in Relationship

Common Sense Advice & Tips for Successful Relationships

So I’m trying to tell you that there are Common Sense Advice and Tips for Successful Relationships? Yes!

Anyways, I expect you to see that title and energize your spine with an unrepentant propensity to want to slap me the moment you set your eyes me. And I’ll tell you why you would want to do that.

Here’s it: Relationships can’t just be run with mere senses because your sensual faculty can be deceiving. But, I’ve seen, known and come to realize that if people only use the common sense that’s not so common, few of the myriads of heartbreaks would, at least, be avoided.

I am a Christian and I believe you have your religion too. I believe in the power of the Holy Spirit and sure know relationship rules as far as the Bible is concerned. But quite surprisingly, there are many religious folks who don’t know the alphabets of religion, let alone its syllabus. You see people claiming religious but won’t do things that are worthy of their religion (their belief and faith); people who only preach religion by mouth.

I think that’s also a question for you: I’m asking if you only do religion in your mouth and not your heart. If yes, you’re far away from the┬átruth… And a deceiver, yea!

So you may ask, Why Should I teach…

…. The Common Sense Advice/Tips for Successful Romantic Relationships?

It’s because God didn’t give us those senses for fun.

For instance, a Christian shouldn’t expect the Holy Spirit to tell them to go pee, brush, defecate, or have their hair cut.


Then you have to follow the Common Sense Tips (Approach) for Successful Relationships

Are you curious about them? See the paragraphs below…

  1. Change is the first constant thing in a relationship

It’s good that you find someone whom you love and appears gorgeous to you… But all you see in them today has limits; don’t be surprised that the reason why you want to die for your lover today might be the reason you don’t want to see him/her tomorrow.

  1. No relationship can be run on autopilot

If you want your relationship to continue working, you must not stop working on it. The fact that your Lover has everything that answers to your financial, mental and moral needs is no guarantee that they will do well in a relationship.

One thing is for them to have it all, and another thing is for them to want to use it all to the advantage of the relationship.

  1. Don’t rely only on feelings

It’s defeating to see that people now enter a relationship on the premise of feelings. They just jump headlong because they think they share a romantic feeling with the opposite sex without knowing that feelings end in relationships!

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