Forgive Your Lover

This week’s “Keep the Romance Alive Series” is short and aimed at a very few people – I assume.]

Let’s roll…
So, what special place does your lover has in your heart than every other person?
A part of your heart so sacred that you wouldn’t even want to share with anyone, right?
But do you mind me asking what special place you have for them when they offend you?
I bet you keep them in the lowest ebb wherein you keep every other person that ever offended you.
Do you desire a bravo on that? No!
Ideally, the path of forgiveness is a part of our daily voyage to an awesome life. To forgive is what we just have to learn to do, no matter what anyone would do to us.
Sometimes, we tend to be bent on not forgiving those who have done us wrong and, funny enough, we extend this act to our lovers too. To be frank, it’s not fair.
See this…
 Lionel Messi has been one of the best ever in the history of football. He’s broken many records, got many medals and still relevant among his peers.
But….. He misses penalties which has one of the easiest spots for goal scoring.
Yaya Toure never misses a penalty, and yet he didn’t become the world’s best!
Messi has failed to score many goals too.
Today, many football lovers know how many goals he’s scored all his life!
But did you know…?
There is no record of how many goals he has missed in total!
So why do you keep records of your lover’s shortcomings when there are successes to focus on?
Why do you worry yourself too much over what your critics say about you?
Hey, get it off! Move one! Empty the bin! Shake it off!
Do you know why?
Every little act of unforgivingness you do will accumulate someday and help build your relationship to destruction. That’s no threat, my dear!
A request: Please forgive me. I mean, forgive your lover for whatsoever they’ve done, I plead.
No matter what they’ve done in the past, they can and will still be your best. Thanks.
Is that hard to do? Hmmm… Okay, let’s talk.
Do you have something you are finding so difficult to let go, which have been affecting your relationship?
Reply to this email and we can help it together.
Here’s more…
Are you there with your cheeks? Then, let’s smile together. I mean it. Reply with a smile.
P.S. Next week, we’ll discuss on “Trusts in Relationships.” Keep your email opened until then.
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