My Wedding

Speechless Though

I led my heart on an adventure, and here’s the result of the ultimate search!

You were many men’s dream but you came true for me. You were some people’s crush but they’ll watch you in my arms.

It started as one of those movies and I watched until it turned a reality. To some it’s still a fairytale, but to us it’s boundless!

I diagnosed my heart desire and it tested positive of your love, yours alone!

Your love is an art, bringing an expression to my innermost thoughts and feelings.

I’m like a rock of flint, your love, the sparks my world needs.
Amazing how you became the answer to my unverbalized prayers.

How it happened, to me is still magical
The joy it brings, more than rhythmical
I waited for so long, nothing was ensured…
But here I am, savoring a union so treasured.

I love you *Wura mi*
I really love you, *Fife Kemi*
I will let the world know…
That I love you so much.

And I’m on a mission to finding someone as lovely as you; When I find her, we’ll both call her our daughter.

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