Easy Steps to Understanding Your Partner in Your Relationship

It is often alarming how people go into relationships with limited perceptions of their partners. Many people want their partners to understand them and yet they have failed to do the same themselves.

When people get into new relationships, they often begin to see their partner through the foreknowledge they’ve had of the opposite sex. More often than not, these perceptions are fraught with wrong conclusions.

So, Who is Your Lover to You?

Let’s see the story below.

A man planned to give somebody a fortune someday and so he picked some people at random and took them to a goldmine that was newly discovered.

As they got there, he handed to every one of them a sheet of paper and asked that they write whatever they saw about the land. After the stipulated time elapsed, he gathered the sheets of paper and began to read it to their hearing.

The first one he read was, ‘If this land is handled well, it could be a good contract for someone because of its geographical location.’ He told the man, ‘You are a politician.’

He picked the second one and it reads, ‘Seeing that the site is muddy, it will take a very wealthy man to build here. A German floor would do.’ He told him, ‘You should be a bricklayer.’

Picking the next, it reads, ‘Hmmm… it will take a solid plan for any building to be erected here. Looking at the landscape, it will take a raised platform to stand here.’ Guess what he told him? He said ‘You are nothing far from an architect.’

The next he took reads, ‘With the sight I am seeing, anyone who enters inside this mire will undoubtedly contact a disease or another; so many diseases will abound in it.’ ‘You are a medical practitioner,’ he said.

The second to the last one then reads, ‘Any vehicle, be it a bus, a lorry, a car or a trailer, that is driven into this mud will require more than miracle for it to be brought back.’ I leave you to tell me the profession of this particular man. If you say he is a driver, you are right.

Finally, the last one reads, ‘All things being equal, this could be a gold mine.’ He quickly told him ‘You are a geologist for real.’

This should have taught you that what you are determines what you are attracted to in your partner. It is called the law of personality. It states that “Your person determines your perception.”

Ever wondered why the first thing a barber notices in you is your haircut? So, if you’re going to get your relationship right, get yourself right.

Many would even argue they know you all. They understand how you think, behave and every other little detail about you. Surprisingly, they have only played out their limited knowledge as those in the story above did.

Here is more…

When you expect a level of behavioural pattern in your partner and it seems a mission impossible, try to check if you are not expecting them to give what they don’t have.

To understand your partner, you need to drop all you have ever learnt of the opposite sex in relationships. Never approach them on the surface. Dig deep to know their true worth and you will live to tell of the futuristic bliss that comes with your romantic investment.


  1. Message *OMG, I was really blind until i get here
    if only you can imagine how ignorance have destroy my relationship.
    I always face to put into my girl what she can not carry lack wise she cherished me for who I am
    by doing so I thought I knew everything.
    thanks for such a great teaching.
    it really helpful to me.

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