image depicting the habits of partners who cheat and cover the tracks

12 Habits of Partners Who Cheat and Cover the Tracks

Cheating is a deep hurt for many, and it hurts even more when the signs are hidden.

Knowing our partner is truly faithful is a fragile hope for many people.

Often, we find ourselves searching for clues, trying to uncover hidden truths. But sometimes, the answers are in the habits we see every day.

These habits can tell us a lot. Small changes in behavior, carefully made excuses, and new routines might reveal more than words ever could.

Understanding these signs can be eye-opening and heartbreaking. This isn’t just about finding out the truth but about seeing the patterns that break the trust in a relationship.

It’s a look into the ways people hide their actions, leaving a trail of pain behind.

image depicting the habits of partners who cheat and cover the tracks

Key Habits of Partners Who Cheat and Cover the Tracks

While the list below highlights some common habits, it is by no means exhaustive. People are inventive and varied in their methods, and new behaviors may emerge as technology and circumstances change.

These behaviors can be subtle and easy to overlook, but paying attention to the patterns can reveal the truth hidden beneath the surface, even when the tracks are carefully covered.

1. They Use Digital Privacy Measures:

  • Separate devices and SIM cards: They might keep a second phone or SIM card hidden, used exclusively for communicating with the other person.
  • Deleting digital footprints: Messages, call logs, and browsing history are regularly deleted to remove any evidence of suspicious activity.
  • Disappearing messages: They prefer apps like Snapchat or WhatsApp where messages can be set to disappear after being read, reducing the chances of being caught.

2. They Manage Their Time Suspiciously:

  • Fake obligations: They create fake meetings, social events, or responsibilities to explain why they are unavailable at certain times.
  • Work-related excuses: They often claim they need to work late, attend business trips, or have unexpected work emergencies, using their job as a cover for their absences.

3. They Maintain Financial Secrecy:

  • Using cash transactions: They prefer using cash for any expenses related to the affair to avoid creating a trail that could be traced back to them through bank statements or credit card bills.
  • Separate financial accounts: They might have a hidden bank account or credit card that is unknown to their partner, used to manage and cover up their spending.

image depicting the habits of partners who cheat and cover the tracks

4. They Alter Their Social Media Behavior:

  • Neutral profiles and interactions: They keep their social media activity bland and neutral, avoiding posts or interactions that might raise suspicion.
  • Selective blocking or disconnecting: They block the other person on social media or avoid connecting with them online to prevent any overlap that could expose the affair.

5. They Change Their Behavior:

  • Overly detailed explanations: When asked about their whereabouts, they provide overly detailed or rehearsed explanations to cover their tracks, often including unnecessary details.
  • Immediate hygiene routines: They might rush to shower or change clothes immediately after coming home to remove any traces of the other person, such as scents or physical marks.

6. They Use Psychological Tactics:

  • Gaslighting: They manipulate their partner into doubting their own perceptions and suspicions, making them feel paranoid or irrational for questioning the fidelity.
  • Creating conflicts: They deliberately create arguments or conflicts to justify leaving the house, using these moments of tension as opportunities to meet the other person.

7. They Create Fake Alibis:

  • Involving friends or family: They may enlist friends or family to lie about their whereabouts, creating a solid alibi.
  • Using fake documents: They might create false work documents or event invitations to support their stories.

8. They Manipulate Technology:

  • GPS spoofing: They use apps or techniques to fake their location, making it seem like they are somewhere they are not.
  • Monitoring devices: They might hack into their partner’s devices to delete evidence or monitor their suspicions.

9. They Plan Meticulously:

  • Detailed schedules: They create fake schedules and reminders to keep track of their lies and ensure consistency.
  • Decoy social media accounts: They use fake social media accounts to communicate, avoiding any links to their real identity.

10. They Maintain a Double Life:

  • Separate identities: They might create a completely separate life with different social circles and habits, ensuring no overlap with their primary relationship.
  • Rented accommodations: They rent separate apartments or hotel rooms to meet the other person, keeping their affair hidden.

11. They Engage in Legal and Financial Deceptions:

  • Manipulating documents: They might sign leases or contracts under pseudonyms to keep activities secret.
  • Identity theft: In extreme cases, they might use someone else’s identity to cover their tracks.

12. They Resort to Blackmail and Coercion:

  • Threatening exposure: They use sensitive information to ensure silence from those who might expose them.
  • Manipulating others: They blackmail or coerce others into keeping their secrets, creating a web of deceit.

Where From Here?

While it’s good to look for tracks, starting a relationship with someone with little or no baggage is better to reduce our perception of an unhealthy lifestyle.

Moreover, looking for signs that aren’t there, even when people or the internet suggest them, can introduce unnecessary stress to your relationship.

Be sure you have your suspicions right before you take any drastic actions. Trust and communication are the foundation of a healthy relationship, and fostering these can prevent the need for suspicion in the first place.

Wishing you all the best in your journey towards a trusting and loving relationship.

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