If there is one reason why I know matchmaking is not the best for this generation, this chat with the CEO of a matchmaking company is one.

One major point I want you to note is for her to say “Matchmaking is trial and error.”

As proof, the picture of the chat is on the second page of this post.


Her Chats are in black while mine are in brown.

At XXX matchmaking service we link two matured mind to a relationship that leads to marriage. Are you single Free to ask questions anytime Let link you to God fearing member of the group Matchmaking is working. Give it a trial today.

I am Mrs. xxxxx, the CEO XXX matchmaking service. We link two matured singles together for a relationship that leads to marriage.
Thanks for the acceptance
Do you need our service?

I don’t
And I will never
God is my matchmaker.

God is the foundation of this service. It is a dream from God.

But not through linking.

It has work for people who have faith
So if I may ask, how do you help someone who needs your help?

How do you do the linking?
What’s the process?

You tell us your age tribe religion job qualification state location, then the age bracket and other qualities u want in your dream woman.

And what from there?


@XXX matchmaking service we don’t charge but we encourage our client to compensate with any amount immediately after the link up. Even if you don’t like our first link, we link you till u pick d best.


Then after we receive this information we will look for a spouse that match your request

Then I have to do point and kill service
I will break someone’s heart be that o….

Exchange phone no

If I don’t like ke?

From there you will know if she is your choice or not

You see, I have nothing less than 20 ladies that have the qualities I want in a woman

But Marriage is more than linking

It is more spiritual than we think

I can’t do that behind God

I will only fail 1000 times

I won’t know my choice from linking…..

I know my choice and I will go for that straightforward…. Not testing one two or three

I meet ladies on daily basis


Linking is seeing and taking any step required

It’s not ideal to me

That is your view and believe

Love cum Relationship is mystical than you think

Those who don’t see God in their marriages can opt in for matchmaking service. I know what my future says…. And getting a woman without God’s backing, I am way too doomed for success

Like seriously, I love chatting with you

I am gaining one or two things

You see, I am a relationship Coach…. And If I come out to tell people I got my wife via matchmaking…. I will sell myself out to the hand of misfortune

Everybody with his one dream or calling. It’s my calling not a source

of income


But, you are allowing the person to go through serious of matchmaking, from which they will choose.

Relationship coach sir seeing is believing

It would have been great if you even know whether the two people you are linking are fit before you so the linking

Matchmaking service is a trial and error.


Now God has given you a trial and error calling right?

You just said the point I need
God doesn’t do trial and error
Tell me it’s your career and I will believe

Please stop misquoting me

I am not.
I am quoting you right.

Please stop passing insult
May God forgive you.

You said Matchmaking is trial and error and then you once said it’s your calling…. I only asked a question.

Career my foot. Do you think everyone is hungry like people like you who believe things are done for money.

What sin did I commit?

The Bible says many are called few are chosen. Do my vision work for everyone.


Now you are even going wrong! People like me who believe things are done for money? You are wrong 1000 times.
I won’t correct you on that.
But you are wrong by saying that.

Mr. Olalekan stop judging people and leave me to God.

So far so good… I have known that matchmaking is a trial and error service… Even from the mouth of a matchmaker

That’s a proof I need

I will save this chat

Am I judging you by telling you the truth?

How am I judging you here?

That is your life business not mine


Continue to monitor people’s vision while you needs what to be monitored in your life.

Sister… Please go and convince yourself about matchmaking…. If you go about telling people it’s a trial and error service… Then be ready for more criticism…. As for me… I am not ready for a trial and error relationship that will eventually lead to trial and error marriage.


I am not a hungry being like you just working on my calling which I will say over one billion time

I am too big to monitor you….




Is that how you see me?

Chat conversation ended and she blocked me!

To see the picture of our chat, click


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