See what Research Says about Selfishness and Insecurity in Relationships

Let us study this image


Is this Selfishness or Insecurity in Romantic Relationships?

Two things are possible from the picture above.

One is the display or selfishness: people wanting to be loved than they want to express love themselves.

The Second reason is a show of insecurity which is common to more women than men: women wanting to draw their lovers’ attention to themselves so they won’t cheat.

So, tell me what you think about the statistics up there…. Use the Comment box.

Here’s more.

When I posted this picture on WhatsApp the other day, some people were curious as to how I got it…

I got questions like , “Is that a fact?”, “A research?”, “How did you come about that?”, etc.

Funny enough, some people thought it was one of those comic pictures…

Are you still there? Okay.

Then permit me to say…. Everything you are seeing inside that picture is 99.9% real – let me leave 0.01% for my shadow.

If you want to know why… I’ll tell you. Follow me.

When you go to and type in anything into the search box to find an answer, you often will get some links from which you’ll click anyone that best fits the answer you need, right?

And I’m sure some people don’t know how the answers get there. I’ll tell you that also.

Google, as a search engine, stores everything everybody types into its search box. And make them available for bloggers on an app called (Google Keyword Planner)

With just a search query ( anything you type on Google is called a search query) Google will give around 800 more suggestions of related queries.

For instance, if I type in “how to bake a cake” into Google Keyword Planner, Google will give me other suggestions like “how to bake a cup cake”, how to bake a cake fast”, “ways to bake a cake”, and so on.

So, when you type in “How to bake a cake” and some other people type the same… Google store it in a group and keep a record of the total number of people that ask that question online… Every month.

And as a blogger, I’ll go to where Google keeps those results and harvest them. In turn I can make a post with the title, “How to bake a cake in three steps”. All things being equal, you can see that post when you type in… “How to bake a cake”… On
That’s blogging 0.0001.

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