Questions You Must Ask Your Lover

Did you know it is not a pleasant experience when things catch us unaware in relationships? Then, it’s so important that we expose our relationships to some serious questions…

Before I started my new relationship (my former lady died), I had to tell her about me from the start. I opened up my life to her before I even asked her out and she did the same. We knew so much about our families, individual differences and all that. So we weren’t expecting any unusual surprises.

If there have been enough questions before going into some relationships, heartbreaks would have been minimal… Before you put in much commitment to your relationship, it is imperative to ask questions. Doing this will help you know if the relationship is worth it or not.

Before you put in much commitment to your relationship, it is imperative to ask questions. Doing this will help you know if the relationship is worth it or not.

In fact, by asking questions, you are opened to areas in your lover’s life where you’ll have to work on. The video below talks more on some of those questions.

The video below talks more on some of those questions. Below the video is a Narration of the video.

Warning: not all the questions must be considered.

More so, it is better you study your lover’s mood before asking any questions; there’s timing in asking questions.

See this: While asking questions, it’s better you make your lover know how you will feel or what exactly you will do if you find out that any of what they would tell you turns out to be a lie.


Dating: What’s Your Motive?

Speaker: Creflo Dollar


Church folks can hide behind the church and not let you know what the real deal is.

That’s why I say, single peoples… When you are dating somebody you need to ask a thousand questions during the dating process.

You might get…. with someone who says… Well, I go to church, I talk in tongues and the big plus is… I’m a man of my words.

And then you say…

Oh, Praise the Lord, I’ve found my husband. You might have found the devil, hold up a minute, girl.

You need to ask some questions.

When on a date…. You ask questions.

Here are examples

What’s your name?

Is that your real name?

Do you have your daddy’s name?


When can I meet your dad?



Do you plan getting married, really?

How many children do you want to have?


Will you get upset if we don’t have no kids?

Do you plan on having an inheritance?

Do you have insurance?

Can you pay for your funeral if you would die today?

You need to know who you are marrying!

And don’t you ever get married to someone who you’ll be like

I’ve never seen him angry since I met him.

If yes, it’s not yet time to marry that person.

You need to see how he looks at such moment….

And to you guys….

You need to ask that woman, how you look without your makeup?

Don’t put any tomorrow, I need to see.

The hair you got on your head, is that yours or did you purchase it?

And if you purchased it, is it paid for or you’re in debt?

I need to know…

When you are blinking your eyes, are those your eyelashes or did you buy those from somewhere?

I need to know!

You smell good today and what about tomorrow morning?

I need to know!

Do you believe in taking showers at night or in the morning?

Do you believe in taking three days off and don’t take showers?

How is your relationship with soap and water?

I need to know!

What’s your motive!

…. I’m ready to get married to him!

You don’t even know him!

These days, when you want to marry somebody, ask them questions!

Are you attracted to men or women?

Are you trying to marry me because you are trying to add something…?

I know you look manly, but what do you do in the corner?… (when you are alone?)

I need to know!

Did your dad commit adultery, did his dad commit adultery?

Because I don’t know if this thing got a part three in them.

And I don’t want to be no part of it.

You ask a bunch of questions!

There shouldn’t be a time you’ve nothing to talk about.

And don’t wait for him or her to start the conversation. You start it.

How you doing today…

Pull the questions out…. Here’s it… Let’s go.

Some people get married and the marriage don’t even have a chance.

Because when people want to get married, they dream too much!

(He talked about 50 shades of gray…and condemned it)


I know there are hundreds of questions you need to ask your lover, ranging from health to family, to career and belief… And more!!! I intend to update this with your questions as a reader… So…

So… Over to you… Let’s see some questions you’ll need to ask your lover. Use the comment box below…


  1. Tnx so much for dis….buh can I ask a friend who I tink may eventually be a lover dis questions or are dey specifically for lovers?

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