The Pure Gold (Book)


The Pure Gold is the all-in-one package for anyone desiring achievement of Goals in grand style. It is one of its kind out there, tailored to your mental taste. You want to make Achievement of Goals easier and put an end to mere daydreaming without taking action? Then the Pure Gold is the right book for you, guaranteed!

This book is $10 (Approximately #2,100) on Amazon (Confirm it here ). But I will give you free of Charge – take me for my words.

P.S. If you read book and it doesn’t give you your life a turn-around, I give you the right to come slap me. Lol.

In the book, I define GOALS as “The Guides of All Life’s Success.”

What you should look out for:

  • 9 Relationships between Gold and Goals
  • Why Some People Succeed and others don’t
  • The Danger of not Setting Goals
  • Self-Discovery at its best (Discover the You in you!)
  • Talent Demystified
  • The law of Personality (Get to know yourself better)
  • Amazing tips of Living a daily Successful life
  • And many more…


  1. Chapter One: The Pure Gold

  5. Chapter Two: So You Want To Be an Achiever!

10. Chapter Three: The Journey of Fulfilment

18. Chapter Four: Goal Setting

40. Chapter Five: Action Plan

47. Chapter Six: Answer the Starting Pistol

This is the best book on Goals Setting. Get it free and end everyday struggle with getting things done. Tweet: D best book on Goals Setting. Get it free here & end everyday struggle wit getting things done.

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    1. Ola, the download link normally sent to your email the moment your fill the form on this site.
      I will look into that to see if the error is coming from me.

      But, i have sent the download link to your email address. Thanks

  1. I just finish reading “Relationship Compatibility Test”. So helpful
    Am looking forward to read ” Pure Gold ” too

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