About Relationship Compatibility Test Book

Well, if you have chosen the one on the left… You would have been…



It’s because the compatibility stage in romantic relationships is just a gray part, in the real sense. But more often than not, people tend to miss it.

The compatibility test phase is to know the one that’s fit into your future, hence, the need to not take it as the flourishing phase!

It’s a time you need to sit down and think about your future. It’s such a time you need to look ahead to decide who should be fit into the blissful moment, rather than being blinded by lust that is wrongly called love!

What about the Picture on the right?

It best describes a successful test on Relationship Compatibility. It’s sure a picture of partners in a working relationship.


Don’t wait until your children start asking why you didn’t buy a book like this!


It was the most stimulating adventure you had embarked on. The first meeting, the first conversation, the shared dreams, and passions amongst others all pointed to the fact that you had found your perfect match. Even the chemistry between you two was apparent to your friends. And you both exchanged vows of undying love, on numerous occasions.

Yes, you noticed some slight issues that called for concern.

But the thick aura of love that had engulfed you drowned them all. You could have sworn that you had beaten the odds of unhappy relationships. Nothing could go wrong, you thought.

But things took a different turn, almost suddenly. The slight issues gained prominence and seemingly displaced the butterflies in your belly. And your certainties too!

Then the questions flooded in. What went wrong? Is it that what I felt all along wasn’t real? Was it love or lust? And you ultimately had to decide what to do with the relationship.

More often than not, people emerge from such experiences with scars so big they vow never to venture into relationships again.

Over and over again, that story has been told. We’ve read it in books. We’ve seen it in movies. Some of us have even lived it. Of course, the characters and the specifics always differ.

Still they point to the same problem – a gross misunderstanding of how relationships work.

As if those were not bad enough, stories of marriages ending in divorce abound. And they only add to our disillusionment about relationships as a whole.

But things shouldn’t be that way.

How then should they be?

That’s exactly what you are about to learn from this book!

Don’t wait until your children start asking why you didn’t buy a book like this!


According to a research, divorce happens every six seconds in the United States, which has 53% divorce rate. So it means more than half of the marriages in the United States are likely to end in divorce.

Shockingly, the United States is the last on the list of the top ten countries with the highest divorce rate.

France has 55%, Cuba has 56%, Estonia has 58%, Luxembourg has 60%, Spain has 61%, Czech Republic 66%, Hungary has 67%, and Portugal has 68%, as Belgium has 71%.

Isn’t the statistic above enough to give marriage a second thought?

When marriages end in divorce, we often hear people say,

“We are not compatible!” That implies many people even go into marriages to test compatibility. This is heart-breaking!

When there arises emotional turmoil in the marital relationship or money grows wing and flies away or the beauty and charisma he used to see in you is no more, or when he can no longer perform well in bed, some people see that as the end to compatibility in their relationships and, therefore, are willing to cut the relationship off.

Know this…

Compatibility could be learned, played, framed, and feigned.

To know the difference is to let this book guide you!


“Don’t wait until your children start asking you why you didn’t buy a book like this!”