I’ve heard of oceans wide,

Seen their shores as I was told,

Saw even their rolling tides,

That are Beautiful to behold…

But no matter what feelings they bring,

Your love gives much more,

So to you, I forever cling.

I love you until the day after forever.


Love is boundless when it’s deep and true. Love’s dealings are ceaseless when it’s with the right one and, of course, you are part of the plan to bring about the betterment you seek.

Truly, there are oceans so wide, with shores and tides that are so beautiful to behold. They bring so much of great feelings when one happens to see their sight….

You know what? No matter what feelings they do give, love gives more. Yea, especially when it’s true and dear, remember?

So, is your relationship like that? Then copy the piece above and send to that special person in your life. Go do it!

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