I’ve seen love than I’ve learned…

Witnessed care than I was told…

To sum it all, it’s all that can be foretold…

And looking at more to come,

I’m just dumbfounded.

I love you, I love you, I love you.


Uhmmm… So you’ve been feeling on top of the world since the inception of this awesomely made relationship? And it’s been a kind of relationship that your shadow want to be jealous of?

With all that happens today, you can look at what the tomorrow promises you in love and words can’t just explain how lovely it’s going to be?

I know it! We are together on this for I’ve sure seen it happened, still happening and will continue to happen to me.

Are you not a part of the league?  Then join us and let’s celebrate love together.

And if you know what it feels like to be dumbfounded as a result of what you have seen, than you learnt, and heard, than you were told… Send the piece above to your lover…

If that won’t do, get another one that’ll help suffice the feeling.

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