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As much as I’ll love to have the Romantic Love Messages that 140 characters or below, so you can copy and send as one-page message to your lover, some can’t just be kept under 140 characters; if you find any of such, don’t ignore – at least a two-page love message isn’t too much for your lover. Right? Good.

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Here you go

1. I Love the Way You Make Me Smile

Does your lover make you smile heartily and you need to tell them in words? Do they make each moment count to see that you have unparalleled joy? You’ve to make them know how exactly that has helped you and I hope this love messages below are all you need to get that done.

1. I Love the Way You Make Me Smile
A moment with you, all my worries disappear. Your ability to make me shine my teeth makes you automatically more attractive to me. Without mincing words darling, I love how you always make me smile.

2. I Love the Way You Make Me Laugh

If your lover has got that sense of humour that makes you laugh and merry all day and you want to let them know, then you are good to go with the love messages below. If you don’t let them know how appreciative of their caring attitude you are, who else will?

2. I Love the Way You Make Me Laugh
Your love gives me all I need to be merry all day. Laughing is your magic drug on me and I just can’t control it cuz it’s in my blood already. I love the way you always make me laugh.

3. I Love the Way You Inspire Me

Oh, your lover is that inspiration that’s been getting you going and you need to tell him/her that you love the way they inspire you? Then the love messages below is perfect for such…

3. I Love the Way You Inspire Me
My life has taken a shape since I met you. Your admirable lifestyle has in many ways challenged me. The words you speak to me daily builds up a treasure seat in my heart. You can be my Mentor baby. I love the way you inspire me.

4. I Love How Cute and Adorable You Can Be

Your dream has finally come true that you’ve got that cute and adorable person as a lover? You’ve got such a lover with a unique personality? Bravo! Why not send the love messages below to them as a proof. Yea… Yea… Yea…

4. I Love How Cute and Adorable You Can Be
Has anyone ever mentioned to you how cute and adorable you are? That’s because it’s an understatement. You are simply Unique. You’re like the moon among many stars. I love how cute and adorable you are.

5. I Love the Kindness that You Show Me Always

So, your lover has got the super-duper kind of kindness that’s enough to make you fly without wings? Then it’s about time you show them how fortunate you are to have such a lover. Pick any of the love messages on this site to express your gratitude, starting with the one below.

5. I Love the Kindness that You Show Me Always
You are not only physically endowed, the wealth of your character is not of this world. The way you show compassion depicts the beauty of your heart. You are just full of kindness, and I love the multitude of kindness that you show me.

6. I Love How I Can Always Be There for You

Do you find yourself lucky to be the helping hand that your lover needs all the time? Are you committed to see to their well-being? Personally, I congratulate you. You know why? It’s one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Lol. Jokes apart, it’s magical. So, I’ll ask that you send the love messages below to him/her.

6. I Love How I Can Always Be There for You
Do you know how my heart leaps for joy whenever you turn to me for help? This is because it’s more than a privilege to be associated with you at all. Always call on me, dear, I’ll be there to care. I really love how I can always be there for you.

7. I Love How You Can Always Be There for Me

For your lover to be there for you is no rocket science and yet one of the hardest jobs to do because it comes with unmetered commitment! If you’ve got one who does that for you, the love message below is cute to be sent to such.

7. I Love How You Can Always Be There for Me
When darkness visits, and light seems inexistent… My soul trembles, then, when I remember you, I can only smile for I know you’ll always be there for me. I love you.

8. I Love How You Stand Up for What You Believe In

Do you know how much a job it is for someone to stand up for what they believe? If yes, and your lover is such, then you will love to send the love messages below to give many thumbs up for that outstanding character of theirs.

8. I Love How You Stand Up for What You Believe In
Not many people are bold enough to stand up for what they believe in. You are among the few courageous. And I really love that aspect of you. Keep defending what you know. I love you.

9. I Love How Open-minded You Are

I can bet that to get a lover who’s so open-minded is not as easy as one can think. There are those who deserve this special character in their lovers and gets the direct opposite. If you’ve got a lover that’s so open-minded, you are one of the lucky few, so send the love messages below to that special person.

9. I Love How Open-minded You Are
The way you sincerely dish out your heart content ‘wows’ me. It’s obvious there’s no form of deception in you. I must confess I love the way you are open minded. I love you.

10. I Love Your Gentleness with Me

Is he/she really gentle with you? And you are so sure they do regardless of your flaws, inhibitions and inadequacies? Then you need to let such a lover know how appreciative of that undeserving favour and commitment towards you. The love messages below would do.

10. I Love Your Gentleness with Me
A perfect way to describe you is ‘Gentle’. Despite my flaws and shortcomings, you are so patient with me and loves me still. I wish you know how this makes me feel. I love you.

11. I Love How I Am Finally Yours

Are you the lucky one after many wishing, hoping, dreaming, claiming and all day and all night praying? Bravo! Are you not going to let your lover know how glad you are to be the special one that finally got a place inside their heart of heart? If your answer is in the affirmative, then the love messages below will help.

11. I Love How I’m Finally Yours
So much of hoping, wishing, dreaming, praying and desiring and here I am with the best lover on earth. Someday, you’ll understand what it means to have you as mine. I just love how you’re finally mine.

12. I Love How You Take My Breath Away

When your lover has got that magic wand that’s deeply rooted in your heart of heart with the inherent ability to take your breath away, you sure can tell what a magical stunt they’ll pull on your heart… So you want to tell your lover that they take your breath away? Use the love messages below.

12. I Love How You Take My Breath Away
My heart melts at your sight. Your face is one I wish to see first thing every morning. It has a way of sweeping me off my feet… Taking my breath away. I love you.

13. I Love Thinking About You All the Time

If you love the thought of thinking about your lover all the time and you enjoy the muse it brings with the atmosphere surrounding it, I bet you’ll want to use the love messages below to express that feeling to him/her. What else are you waiting for? Copy and send to your lover!

13. I Love Thinking About You Always – All the Time
These days, I find myself smiling alone. Isn’t that embarrassing! But how do I stop it, except I stop thinking about you, and that is one impossibility I know. I love you.

14. I Love How Sweet You Make My Dreams

Does your lover make you merry in your dreams? Does he/she give you all the reasons to have the best of night sleep? If yes, then you should know what it is to have a lover that has your interest at heart! Or you don’t know that the thought of some people is enough for a nightmare? Now send the love messages below to that special person.

14. I Love How Sweet You Make My Dreams
You know why your voice has become my night pill? It’s because of the replay it holds. You appear so charming even in my dreams that I don’t want to wake up. I love you.

15. I Love Hearing Your Laughter

Do you have a lover with an outstanding sense of humour that’s great enough to bring out your 32 on a wild laughter mission? Does he/she give you that special effect to help you laugh like you wouldn’t laugh again? Then he/she deserves the love messages below.

15. I Love Hearing Your Laughter
What gives me joy the most is seeing you laugh heartily. It is a pointer to how lovely you are inwardly. I just love your sense of humor. I love you, yes you!

16. I Love It When You Smile

Does the sight of your lover’s smile makes your heart skip a beat or beats and yet he/she isn’t one of those comedians? That’s lovely, I must say, and the reason you’ll have to send the love messages below to them as a proof. Isn’t it fantastic to have a made-at-home smiles than go to comedy shows? One… Two… Three… Do it!

16. I Love It When You Smile
The way that lovely denture glitters at your smile reminds me of the twinkle stars. Your smile alone is enough to make anyone fall for you. I love your smile baby.

17. I Love You Still When You Are Angry

If you’ve got someone who has become your best friend and confidant, you should undoubtedly love every moment about them; whether they are sad or happy, the feelings of love you have for them is unaltered because you can see them beyond their mood swings. Is that talking about your lover? Do you love your partner still when they are angry? Then send the love messages below to him/her.

17. I Love You Still When You Are Angry
I love you beyond your feelings, beyond words, beyond what I see on your face, and beyond your actions even. I’m sorry if I’ve caused this… I love you.

18. I Love You Still When You are Sad

Mood swing shouldn’t be a criterion when love real and undying love is in play. When you love someone deeply, you sure want to love them no matter what state or mood they are in. Whether (link to angry they are not happy, or they are a total mess), you just want to love them! Is that how yours is? Then send the messages below to him/her.

18. I Love You Still When You Are Sad
I love you beyond how life treats you. I love you beyond your mood. I love all your moments because your happiness is mine and so is your sadness. I’m sorry this is happening to you. I love you.

19. I Love You Still When You Are a Mess

Is he/she in a mess and you don’t know what to text them right now? The love messages below will help. Remember, you need to love them no matter what mood they are in, no matter what situation they find themselves. It’s your duty to make them happy and glad. Thanks as you do that.

19. I Love You Still When You Are a Mess
(Though you’ll always be beautiful to me)
You are to me like a lotus flower that blossom even inside the mud. Your beauty is in you. It doesn’t depend on anything at all. You’re just beauty personified. I love you.

20. I Love the Way You Feel

A good reaction in life is everything, a good feeling is the second best. When these two meet, wonders evolve. And if you’re lucky enough to have someone who feels great despite challenges, you’ve got unspeakable luck in your relationship. Have you got someone like that? Then quickly send the love messages below to him/her.

20. I Love the Way You Feel
The way you run your emotions makes me want to be in. You have the purest and the most positive feeling about everything. I love you so much for that. I love you.

21. I Love the Way You Hold My Hand

How do you feel when he wraps his hand around yours? Does it make you feel like you’re not out of this world; like your heart wants to jump out; like your feet can’t carry the weight of your body anymore? Whichever feelings that bring, it’s time to let him know trough the love messages below.

21. I Love the Way You Hold My Hand
When you wrap your hands around mine, I feel reassured, secured and loved. I feel the warmth in my heart and I can only pray it will have no end. I love you.

22. I Love How You Smell

I’m sure you want to tell it to the world when your lover has got it all, especially when the physical appearance is more than gorgeous. And then you move closer and the odour is not discouraging! Wouldn’t you want to thank your head for such a wonderful gift? If you really love how your lover smells, send the love messages below to them.

22. I Love the Way You Smell
Finally, my dreams has come true. I wanted a partner whose appearance is all I ever wanted and I got it all plus a nice smell. Lol. Just came to say I love you.

23. I Love Gazing into Your Eyes

It’s one of those ecstatic moves when eyes meet in awe. The heart takes over and sets itself on a romantic course; it races and beats like never before, and you wonder what else if not for just a look on your lover’s face. If you feel like this, send the love messages below to him or her.

23. I Love Gazing into Your Eyes
When I look into your eyes, my strength is renewed. I draw hope to face tomorrow from your eyeballs. Just gazing into those catchy eyes, I feel relieved. I love you.

24. I Love the Sound of Your Sweet Voice

Have you ever felt like having a recording of conversations with your partner so you could listen to it over and over again simply because the voice is so sweet that you don’t want to miss it at all? I’ve been there, I know how that feels and the love messages below is all you need to help you make your lover know how you’d miss their voice.

24. I Love the Sound of Your Sweet Voice
I always love to record our conversation because I don’t ever want to miss your sweet voice. The way it makes me feel remains inexpressible… I just want to hear more. I love your voice, but I love your person the more.

25. I Love How Much You’ve Taught Me about Life and Myself

Do you feel blessed by a lover who’s down-to-earth and very knowledgeable? I am talking about someone who’s got the inherent capacity to help you up to any desired level mentally and he’s doing exactly as you would expect, even in your dreams. I know how much that means. So, found a way to express that to them? The love messages below is intriguingly awesome to send.

25. I Love How Much You’ve Taught Me about Life and Myself
I respect your views and ideologies about life and how you make effort to teach me. It baffles me more than you can imagine, how much you know about me, down to the things I do not even know about myself. Thanks for it all. I love you.

26. I Love How Passionate You Are

Wait, is your lover so passionate to the extent that you can brag about him/her? Do they know what they want out of life per time and do all it takes to go for it? Then you need to congratulate yourself for having one of the few futuristic people on earth. If you don’t know, nothing can beat passion in any life! So just send the love messages below to him or her as a proof, plus an appreciative gesture.

26. I Love How Passionate You Are
You are one of the very few who have discovered where their passions lie, pursued it and are still pursuing it. I love that you know what you want and go for it. I love you for you.

27. I Love How You Are So Creative and Artistic

Do you know what it is to be creative and on top of that, artistic? If you don’t know yet, you might have to consult your dictionary or use encyclopedia of love. If you do know, I bet you’ll want to jump up and shout it to the world; you’ll want to get an orchestra to help sing its tune. Well, being artistic isn’t what words can say. If your lover has it, you know it, so you’ll have to send the love messages below to him or her.

27. I Love How You Are So Creative and Artistic
Your power of creativity is not of this world. You are so talented, and you remain the best of your kind. To your artistic works, I doff my hat. I love you.

28. I Love the Way You Move and Walk

So you are intriguingly crazy about gestures and even the way your lover walks? Wonders shall never end. I will need to tell you that you are not alone in the game. Lol. Anyways, if you’ll want to express yourself about the merriment you steadily derive from their move and walk, then the love messages below are all you need.

28. I Love the Way You Move and Walk
One can easily tell from your walking steps how very elegant, fashionable and smart you are. I feel you and can boastfully say ‘That’s my love’. I love you.

29. I Love the Way You Kiss Me

How does it feel when your lips meet to kiss? Is it like you want to melt and enter your lover? Like you wish a glue is applied and you stay forever? Whichever way you feel, it’s your day. Smiles. You know what? Let the love messages below help you express that inestimable feeling when your lips meet. Caution: to help against temptation, this piece is for the married only. There? See the love messages.

29. I Love the Way You Kiss Me
I feel like I’m floating on air whenever your lips lock into mine, and our tongues gently sweep over each other. I can only ask for more. Winks. I love you.

30. I Love the Fact that You Feel Me with Butterflies Each and Every Time

Do you want to say something like “I love how you feel me with butterflies” all the time and words would fail you to express yourself? You are not alone! But the love messages down here are all you need to help you with such expression. Send it to that special person that gives you butterflies.

30. I Love the Fact that You Feel Me with Butterflies Each and Every Time
Only God knows what you have done to me that I only and always think about you and you alone. The butterfly you left in my belly keeps flying in and out of season. I love you.

31. I Love All the Gifts You’ve Given Me and All the Letters Too

When you’ve finally found someone who understands your love language and want to do everything to speak it, not the best of adjectives in the dictionaries can help describe the romantic streaks that you get from such a treatment. Is that how you feel? Then the love messages below will help your expression. Winks.

31. I Love All the Gifts You’ve Given Me and All the Letters Too
I love how you know exactly my choice in all things. I appreciate every gift you have given me. And all your letters and messages will forever be cherished. I love you.

32. I Love How You Always Bring Out the Best in Me

Isn’t it right that empowerment is everything in a successful romantic relationship? I know you wouldn’t agree less. More often than not, it is what your partner sees in you that will make them choose you over a million of better suitors. To find such a person capable of bringing out the best in you is one of those uncommon miracles, maybe the “Eighth Wonder of the World”. In case you want to express that classic characteristic to your lover, the love messages below will perfectly do.

32. I Love How You Always Bring Out the Best in Me
Though I feel inadequate in myself, you show me my strength. And where I thought I couldn’t walk through, you brought out my wings and made me fly. Thanks for bringing out the best in me my love. I love you.

33. I Love Your Charm and Charisma

Is your lover’s charismatic display so great enough that you can choose to shout it on the rooftops, on the mountains? If yes, then congratulations. And I’ll love to let you know that the love messages below can help you give a lovely expression of that exceptional act to your lover. Copy and send it to him/her right away and you won’t regret you ever did.

33. I Love Your Charm and Charisma
How you easily influence me with your charismatic display is worthy of a shout on top of the mountains. I just pray I wouldn’t suffocate of your classy attractiveness. You are charming and I love you for it.

34. I Cherish Your Devotion

If you’re lucky to find someone who is very devoted to anything they set their heart to do, I can categorically tell you that a futuristic bloom awaits your romantic relationship because, all things being equal, they’ll want to stick with you to bring about an update in your life or relationship. With such a lover, untold miracles will evolve in how love happens to you, guaranteed. And you know what? Someone like that deserves the love messages below.

34. I Cherish Your Devotion
The way you put your heart to a thing and stay true and diligent to it is worthy of emulation. I’ll live to learn from you. I love your devotion, I love you.

35. I Love Your Unique Style

Can you bet that your lover belongs to a class that you can be proud of, even in the dreams? I mean, is he/she so classy, so elegant than elegance itself with enough characteristics beyond the description of words? Can he or she beat the best you’ve ever known or met? Then you’ve got to be grateful. What else should you do than to send the love messages below to them – do it!

35. I Love Your Unique Style
You’re classy, elegant and all the characteristics that I think of but words can’t say. I love how you have your style in all things and I love that so much about you. I love you.
This love messages will wow you: I love your unique style

36. I Love Your Outgoing Nature

Did you know that nothing can beat a sociable spirit especially when it comes in a wonderful package? When you’ve got someone who has the kind of sociability and a covetable display of manner, the best of words would just resign in trying to describe such a feeling that one can get from such atmosphere. If you’ve got such a lover, the love messages below should be what you need at present to send an appreciative remark to him/her.

36. I Love Your Outgoing Nature
Words can tell how my heart blesses the day I met such a sociable, expressive and lovely person that you are. You would have killed my spirit soul and body without it. Need I say you are my merriment? I love you.

37. I Love Your Honesty

If it proceeds from your mouth, I don’t deny it. I know on no occasion will you ever call white black. Honesty is one quality that is rare to come by but it’s real and common with you.

38. I Love How You Accept Me for Who I Am

If I were you, I am not sure I would want to accept me this way. But without fringing, you accepted me and showed me a complete love.

39. I Love the Way You Always Encourage Me to Do My Best

I owe you a big appreciation for where I am today. If not for your words of encouragement, I doubt I would make it. Thanks for always saying ‘You Can’.

40. I Love How You Always Seem to Cheer Me Up Whenever I Am Blue.

You are always there to put up the light whenever I resign to my dark room. I love the way you never let me be in blackout, always cheering me up.

41. I Love Your Sense of Humour

With you, there’s no dull moment. Your words like light shine, brightening up the moodiest soul. Your way of softening the tense atmosphere around you- I love it.

42. I Love How Modest You Are

I have asked to ask myself how you always manage to have a humble opinion of yourself! With all you have and are, it is unthinkable that you still keep a simple lifestyle. I love you for this.

43. I Love the Way My Heart Grows Warm Every Time I See One of Your Pictures.

I love to always see your picture because it brings warmth to my heart. Checking it over and over again…a thousand times. The more I see, the less cold I feel.

44. I Love the Way My Heart Races Uncontrollably Every Time I See You Online.

I feel my heart skipping many beats each time I see you online. This tells me how deep you have captivated my soul. So deep I’m lost in you.

45. I Love the Way My Heart Lights Up Every Time I Get a Text Message from You.

I usually can’t wait to open your text messages when I receive them. I start to smile before I see the content at all, for I know what sweet words await me.

46. I Love How Patient You Are with Me

Despite the provocative attitude I sometimes display, you remain very patient with me. You quietly correct me in love.

47. I Love the Way You Always Understand Me

I don’t have to spell out my mood; your heart just knows it all. I don’t have to verbalize my challenges; your nature sees them all. In all I do, your love has been the reason to smile… I just love you so much.

48. I Love How I Can Tell You Anything

I’m glad I have a lover I can confide in. My secrets are safe with you and you handle them with utmost wisdom. Thank you for being my best pal, ever. I love you.

49. I Love the Warm Feelings I Get from Thinking of You

Even when you are not here, I feel your arm around me. Just by thinking about you, I connect with you like you were here. Warning: Don’t take that for granted; I wish to see you.

50. I Love How Photogenic You Are.

Like the morning stars is your brightness on pictures. Anyone would desire you by mere seeing your picture. You are always cute.

51. I Love Your Colorful Personality

I understand what light really means when you came into my life because your character like light, shined, brightening up every part of me.

52. I Love How Tenderly You Worry About Me

You and me, I don’t know who cares about me more. You care about the silliest thing about me. You worry about my shadow even. I appreciate that dearly.

53. I Love Eating Your Cooking

Among all the delicacies I’ve ever tasted in my life…yours is the best. It doesn’t only have a taste that makes you ask for more, but even its aroma and appearance triggers appetite. I so love your cooking.

54. I Love Listening to You Play the Piano

Whenever I want to feel the world beyond, all I have to do is listen to your piano records. I find my mind travelling to a world of no worries where the only thing I hear is your amazing sound.

55. I Love Snuggling Up with You

Clutching around you has become part of me. I feel like entering you whenever we are together. The warmth and security it allots me is unexplainable.

56. I Love Just Sitting in Silence and Listening to Your Breath

Just being in your presence alone means more than you can imagine to me. The gentle sound of your breath sends a message down my spine.

57. I Love How Fantastic You Feel in My Arms

The way you close your eyes in my arms. It tells me how much you trust in me. I again pledge to you, my love, to be all that you desire in your man.

58. I Love the Inner Child in You

You have been here than I deserved. You have given your best and left nothing behind. Your forgivingness is matchless, you care is unspeakable. I look at it all and say only an innocent child could have this nature. I love the child in you.

59. I Love the Way We Share Our Hopes and Dreams

Even though things might not be all smooth now, you are always optimistic. And I love you for that. I enjoy the moment we spend sharing our dreams and hopes.

60. I Love Listening to You Speak

Aside your eloquence and high display of intelligence, I love your pronunciation of words when you speak. I must say it’s the time I’m most tempted to kiss your lips.

61. I Love How We Can Talk and Chat for Hours

How time flies when we talk. The fun, the gists and the plans we share bring us closer per time. And makes me never get tired of talking and chatting with you.

62. I Love How Your So Understanding

Who can read my expression? Who can interpret my grin? Who understands the voice of my heart… if not the one who resides therein. I love the way you unriddle and lick me, Baby.

63. I Love That You Still Love Me

Each time I expect you to walk away, you move closer. And when I think it’s finally over, you tell me it’s just the beginning. Thanks for loving me up. I love you too.

64. I Love How Much We Have in Common

Sometimes I wonder how we cling so easily. How we have same choice and see things same way is funny to me. I love it. I’ve always known we are one appearing in two.

65. I Love That We Have Differences and the Way We Can Accept and Respect Them

It is magical how we tolerate ourselves and handle our differences. It’s almost appearing like we don’t have any at all.

66. I Love How Smart You Are

I can trust in your actions anytime any day. You’re one of the very few smart people that exist. The way you go about things shows this and I must say I’m ‘wowed’

67. I Love How Talented You Are

I still wonder what it is you cannot do. It appears you can do anything at all. You are multi-talented. Keep it up dear.

68. I Love How We Both Like to Make Up Our Own New Words

Lexicographers compile words every now and then, many of which give acceptable definitions of love. Yet, we have made our own words with meanings beyond the written. I love us!

69. I Love Your Compliments

The sweet compliments you throw at me makes me feel like I’m standing somewhere in the sky. I appreciate how you always love to sing my uniqueness to me.

70. I Love Going Out with You

I’m gradually getting addicted to going out with you. The way we together shop, walking hand in hand gives me pleasure. When do we go out again?

71. I Love to Watch You Eat

It’s fulfilling to watch you eat, with my eyes following the food from the plate to the spoon and then to your mouth. I don’t ever get tired of doing that.

72. I Love Watching You Dance

I boast to my friends how very good you are in dancing. Just sitting and watching you whine your waist and twist your sexy body drives me on.

73. I Love Hearing You Sing

When I call you ‘Angel’, I mean it. You have a lot of angelic personalities. When you sing, your sonorous voice pierces through my ribs into my heart. I can only say ‘That’s my angel’

74. I Love That We Are Best Friends

You are not just my lover., we share a stronger bond called friendship. You are my best companion. That’s why no one else can take your place.

75. I Love That You Laugh at My Jokes No Matter How Cheesy

You care so much about how I feel that you laugh even at my cheesy jokes. I wish you know how much that thrills me.

76. I Love How You Can Just Speak Your Mind

The kind of love we run encourages anyone to express his/herself anytime. I love that you do this very well. Clearing my doubts and assumptions.

77. I Love How You Are Not Afraid to Tell Me Your Feelings

The way you talk freely with me about anything at all makes me feel we share one heart. And encourages me to do the same with you.

78. I Love Your Flaws, Still

I don’t only love your strength but also your weakness. It tells me how very human and sincere you are. It’s obvious there’s no pretense or hypocrisy in you.

79. I Love How You Always Seem to Make My Day

As important as salt is to food, so are you to me. Nothing is tastier than carrying you along every step of my way. My day is incomplete without you.

80. I Love How You Are So Good with Your Hands

I look in in amazement when I see the way you use your hands. I see more than diligence in that, i see confidence and a high manifestation of consistency.

81. I Love Your Never-Ending Thoughtfulness

Do you know how much I envy your thoughtfulness? Much more than words can describe. Your intellect is deeper than the see. I wish to be like you.

82. I Love How the Colors Green and Purple Go Together

Your sense of dressing is royal. You dress like the Queen that you really are. And the way you match colour depicts your level of maturity and exposure.

83. I Love How the Simplest of Things Can Remind Me of You

You have so much made deep impressions in me that everything says something that reminds me of you. You find your way into every of my words and actions.

84. I Love Showing Off to the World That I Have the Best Girlfriend in The Whole World

I know you wonder why I love to hold your hands when hanging out. It’s because I’m proud of you. I want to show to the whole world how pleasurable it is to have a cutie like you.

85. I Love How You Make Me Feel That I Can Do Anything

Those things i never knew I could do, I started doing them when I met you. You call forth my strength with your motivational words. Now, I can say ‘I can do all things’

86. I Love How You Give Me Strength

I feel empowered when you praise me. And I always want to do more to make your proud.
I promise never to let you down. Thanks for encouraging me.

87. I Love How You Appreciate Me

When I thought I wasn’t making any sense you appreciated my nonsense and gave me the words I needed to adjust and move on. Lovers like you are uncommon. I’m happy I have you.

88. I Love the Way You Love Cute Things

You never look down on beautiful things because you are beauty itself.
Everything about you is just cute

89. I Love How Much You Believe in Me

You have more confidence in me than I do in myself. You are my driving force in all that I do. You are the well from which I draw strength. I love how much you have made me achieved.

90. I Love the Sound of Your Name Uttered Aloud

There’s a way hearing or calling out your name makes me feel. First is a current, spiral-crossing my nerve. Followed by a special type of Joy springing up in my heart. Calling Your name works like magic.

91. I Love How Kind You Are to Your Friends

Your loveliness extends even to your friends. I love it when I see them come to you for help. You are an example to be followed.

92. I Love How We Can Share a Good Time Together

We do more than communicate online. We do more than share emotions and mere feelings. Our hearts connect in love, and we do this every time – we spend a quality time together.

93. I Love Hearing About Your Day

I always ask how your day went not as a routine but as a matter of interest. I love to know how angels beautifully go about their days.

94. I Love Spending Time with You and Just Hanging Out

One of my hobbies is being with you. The reaction that takes place in my heart when in your presence is beyond me. I just love to be seen with you.

95. I Love How You Can Be So Feisty

You can’t know how much I love that you are courageous. You don’t give up or lose hope. I love it and I want to emulate that in you.

96. I Love the Way You Make Me Blush

If you think I only blush when with you, you are wrong honey, I do more when alone. I just can’t help it whenever I relive the times we had together.

97. I Love How You Make Me Feel Like the Luckiest Girl in the World

You have made me the envy of my friends. You treat me like a queen and make me feel like the most fortunate one in this planet. I think I really am now.

98. I Love How Silly We Can Be Together

Our naughtiness amazes me. We are like two kindergarten kids when together, this makes me feel younger each time. I love that about us.

99. I Love All the Sacrifices You Make for Me

You don’t only sing your love to me, you tell me how much you do in actions by relinquishing a lot for me. This is how I know the love you have for me is true.

100. I Love How You Are Always So Sincere

Your sincerity, baby, has taught me the advantages of being sincere. You are so plain and straightforward and it makes me love you more and more day by day.

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