Safe Journey Prayer to My Love

Safe Journey Prayer to My Love (Video)

There are persons in one’s life that one finds difficult to do without.

That is who you have become, my love.

The fact that you are travelling now has left me both happy and unhappy.

Happy because I know it’s for the best; unhappy because I am already missing you.

You have become so attached to me that staying a moment without you is like staying without breathing.

I just pray I survive your absence, but my greatest prayer is that you come back to me safe and healthy.

That as you journey this day, the good Lord will keep you in His refuge.

Every moment you spend on the journey will be safe.

No harm shall by any means, come near you.

You will never find any reason to regret this journey.

The angels of the Lord will guard you and bring you back to me safe.

Have a safe journey, my love.

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