Happy Birthday My Wife

Romantic Happy Birthday Wishes for Wife (Video)

It is said that, behind every successful man, there is a woman. But behind my success, there is not just any woman, but a heroine.

And that is you, my heart owner.

Calling you just a woman is an understatement.

because your outstanding ability to function as a wife, mother, sister and best friend is beyond what words can describe.

One of the things that made me who I am today is you, my beautiful wife.

You’re so special and important to me. You’ve stood behind me through thick and thin. You’re my heaven on earth.

That is why I respect you so much and place you above every other person in my life.

And I see this special day of yours as another opportunity to tell the world I’ve got the best wife ever.

As you add to your age this day, it is my wish that you become more beautiful; inward and outward.

May you remain in good health and age with me in love and peace.

Happy birthday, my love.

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