I see my life changing to the path of ceaseless merriments,

I see my heart beating to the rhythms of perpetual bliss,

I look into the future, it appears so stupendously awesome.

And you know what? I owe it to you.

I love you my sweetness.


Awh! So the magical touch of love has made you a perpetual victim? Your skin can feel the awestricken moments that comes with falling in love – falling in love with the right person.

Wait, I know how it feels when you’ve finally found such a lover that appears and then proves to be the best gift that life ever brought your way.

To say it as it is, there’s no adjective that can help give a perfect description of such feelings. It’s one crazy adventure inside your heart.

Yea, I know it! It’s called vivid Imaginations.

So, send the piece above to that special person in your life.

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