Heart Touching Video for Girlfriend

Most Heart Touching Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend (Video)

There is a particular day that brings joy to my heart by default

It’s the day my most treasured gift was sent to earth.

A day when God thought of me and decided to send me a perfect match.

It’s this day, the day you were born, my love.

And celebrating you is the least I can do to show how much I love and care for you.

I just want to remind you that you are most loved among women

And I take it as a duty to wish you all of heaven’s best.

May you always find reasons to smile and be celebrated in this new age of your life

May you find favour in all you do, and unending peace every single moment.

And may my love continue to grow in your heart, just to keep reminding you that I can’t stop loving you.

Happy Birthday, my love.

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