I'm Sorry My Love

I’m Sorry Whatsapp Quote For Lovers(Video)

One of the worst moments in life is that moment when one realizes one has hurt that special person in one’s life.

But the state I am right now is worst than any worst moment because I know I have hurt the most special person in my life.

If I am to describe what I feel right now in 5 words,

I would say I am sad, regretful, shameful, distracted and afraid.

Sad because I am incomplete.

Regretful because I’m about losing the only one who makes me complete.

Shameful because I have done what is least expected of me.

Distracted because I have hurt the only one who makes me concentrate.

Afraid because I don’t want to lose you.

Losing you is like losing a priceless treasure

I acknowledge all my faults and I’m pleading your forgiveness.

I’m sorry.

I love you so much

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