I bask in the euphoria of your love, daily.

And I bow in reverence for the thrilling effects thereof.

Ask me and I’ll say I didn’t expect this much…

I’m just amazed at how the whole thing turned.

I love you for you!


The love is┬áso deep and magical with its thrilling effects on you daily, right? It’s one of the simplest and commonest experiences when you’ve found yourself in a relationship that’s really worth it.

To set one’s expectations up for a show of limited streaks in a relationship is normal, especially when one sees what goes around in the world of love; you’ll understand it better if you have been in a relationship before now.

To cut it short, it’s like a dream come true when you begin to bask in the euphoric experience that your relationship readily gives – and that on a daily basis!

You’ve got that? Then send the piece above to that special person that made it possible.

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