I Can't Wait to Be With You My Love

I Can’t Wait to Be With You My Love (Video)

Disconnection, separation or distance invoke the deep feeling of loneliness and sometimes leads to distress if not quickly checked.

Having your partner living in another country or town away from you can be cool but also unbearable at times.

Pretense cannot overrule the aching feeling in your heart towards your lover. You’ve tasted the difference, you’re missing your lover already and can’t wait to be with him/her, no doubt.

But you should know, it doesn’t matter how long you both have been apart, what matters is what you feel and how your heart misses your lover wherever he/she is.

Distance shouldn’t stop you from showing how much you care and love your partner, it should motivate you to share your feelings more often and make your presence felt.

I Can’t Wait to Be With You My Love

In life, there are moments and every moment comes with its demand

One moment demands one thing, while another moment demands the other

But what amazes me is that every moment of my life demands one thing…

…and that’s you

Everything within and without me calls for you alone.

Trying to get you out of my thoughts is like trying to get life out of me.

Now I know how it feels to be away from a sweet and amazing person

The memories of the time we shared make me long more for you.

And the only way I can be fine is to have you right beside me.

I just can’t wait to be with you, my love.

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