You are full of unremitting wonders,

In whole and even in parts.

My morning, night and noon,

Have been complete with you.

What more can I say then,

Than I’m the most fortunate if all mortals!

I love you.


Love can seem like more of those miracles of abracadabra you hear of. In fact, there are people who question its reality in their own relationship let alone affirming it in another one’s. But no matter what perception you have about love, it’s still the best thing that can happen to any being.

It’s a world of untold defeat when one has been a victim of lust that they call love!

Have you been there? Let it go, friend!

And if you are one of the fortunate ones who happen to get it right with love, you should know how exactly it feels?

Yea, those tickling effects that their thoughts send down your body, remember? Lol.

End of discussion!

If your lover deserves the piece above, copy and send to them.

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