Happy Valentine's Day for Lover

Happy Valentine’s Day Messages for Lover (Video)

Happy Valentine’s Day for Lover

Expressing one’s love is what should be done everyday, but a day like
Valentine’s day makes it done in an unusual way.

It’s a day set aside to extremely express one’s love to that special person.

And I’m glad to say no one can be as special to me as the one who owns every part of my heart…

…which is no one else but you, my ever shinning star.

Having you as a part of me has brought great joy to my heart that I can never recover from.

If I were to trade you for something else, I would trade you for you.

And I’m proud to let you know that choosing you is the beat choice I have ever made.

I must confess that any moment I spend with you leaves me better than I have always been.

I’m grateful for all you have been to me, my love.

I love you

Happy Valentine!

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