Happy New Month from Me to You

Happy new month Wishes? Whether to a lover or loved ones, pick one of these messages to say Happy new month.

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Forget about the past goals you didn’t accomplish, erase the thoughts of your past hurts and pains and hope for a lasting joy this month. Happiest new month to you.


I wish you double honour, double grace, double strength and endless possibilities for boundless testimonies this month and beyond. Happiest new month to you.


Weeks of unending joy, days of unabashed merriment, hours of ceaseless happiness, minutes of awe-inspiring gladness and seconds of perpetual ebullience is what I wish you this month.


Happy new me, happy new you. Happy new commitment and happy new devotion. Happiest new ecstasy in the end. Happy new month to you.


Some will start and won’t end it, but I see us testifying of moments of bliss throughout. Happy new month to you and me.

Let every appearance of sunlight reminds us of our Love this month. I wish you all the very best my dear. Happy new month to you from me.


I look forward to seeing us better than we started. And I see it ending in joy. Happy new month from me to you.

Loving me outweighs my imaginations and I can’t just stop thinking about it all.
Thanks for all you’ve done for me. I love you. Happy new month from me to you.

With you I want to stand, in your heart of heart I want to be. It’s a promise worth keeping. I love you from now roll forever. Happy new month to you from me.

I love, in devotion, in strength in commitment I see us going great, even beyond our plans. To the one who loves me so much, I wish you a happy new month.


This month, for sweetness you shall receive more than Honey
For abundance, shall get more than money,
For Safety, you shall have more than safe journey
And for food,
you shall have more than bunny.
Happy New Month to you.

This month, where no one finds help, you shall receive favour,
Success shall be your lot in all endeavours
Of rain of Blessings, you shall receive more than a downpour
And oil of gladness shall on you pour. Happy New Month.

As God in the beginning,
created the Earth and established it in light,
so shall this month usher in adequate light
that’ll disappoint all forms of darkness in your life.
This shall be your best month ever and the following ones will be better than the best!
Happy New Month.

Days have rolled into weeks and weeks into months,
some rolled with it and some rolled out,
but here you’re standing tall.
It’s worth celebrating: Happy New Month again!

Heights have been soared, depths have been explored;
mountains have be ascended to and valleys descended from,
and finally, a new month is come. I wish you all the best in it.

This month, May God bring you out of all troubles
For everything you ask give you more than double
All your enemies shall He humble
But He’ll give you all you need that you won’t Grumble
Finally, All your enemies shall He Rumble.
Happy New month to you.

You will lead and critics will follow
You will lend and never to borrow
You will Know joy and no more sorrow
You’ll not have a better yesterday but better Tomorrow
Happy New month from me to you.

The enemies of your life shall not prevail,
All their plots over you shall be to no avail
All their tactics shall indeed fail
Joy shall be in your house but your enemies will wail
You shall be the end and not the tail. Amen. Happy new month.

May this month bring to you the perfection of your dreams and aspiration. Enjoy the season. Happy New month from me to you. Congrats!!!

You made it to my book of friends indeed. You’ve been a great friend to me all along. I use this day to appreciate you. Let us take giant strides towards making the year greater and better. Happy New month.

I pray that the goodness, joy, glory, promotion of the month shall be all yours, and disappointment, calamity and all evil will ever be far from you. Happy new month.

Everyone with whom you wish happy new month, shall shout happy new you in the end. This month shall bring testimonies that swallows testimonies for you. Amen.

For you, this shall be a month of double portion: double grace, double abundance, double promotion and double honour. And God shall bring all good desires of your heart to pass. Happy New Month.


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