Birthday Prayers for My Uncle

Birthday Prayers for My Uncle (Video)

Uncles are amazing people who play important roles in the family and It’s a thing of joy to have someone one can call an uncle. Not only is it a good thing to have an uncle it becomes more joyous when the uncle is caring, loving and sweet.

The least one can do is to make them know how caring, loving and sweet they can be, most especially on a day like this; their birthday!

Give your uncle a grand style celebration on his birthday by sending him this birthday prayers for my uncle.


It is a thing of joy to have someone one can call an uncle.

And the joy becomes even indescribably full when it’s an amazing, loving and caring uncle like you.

Having you as my uncle is one thing I can’t stop thanking God for.

And this is the least I can do to make you know that you are awesome, and you deserve every special treat…

…especially on a day like this; your birthday!

With abundant joy in my heart, I pray for you this day that you will live long in good health and prosperity.

As you become a year older, your joy shall increase and your mouth shall be filled with songs of victory.

May everything you lay your hands flourish.

Your going out and coming in shall be in God’s refuge.

And God’s goodness and mercy shall be with you all through your days in this new year of your life and beyond.

Happy Birthday, Dear Uncle.

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