Birthday Prayers and Blessings

Powerful Birthday Prayers and Blessings (Video)

One amazing thing to do on one’s birthday is to bless the day with ceaseless hearty prayers.

And this is another day to receive heaven’s best…
…a day the Lord has made for me to rejoice.

And I can’t thank Him enough for His unfailing love that has kept me all these years.

I’m sure of a birthday filled with love and laughter

For it’s a new beginning of good and pleasant things in my life.

And I pray that everything begins to work out for good.

May the lord prosper all my endeavours as I go from one height to another.

May my going out and coming in be blessed of the lord.

May the Lord embrace me in His warmth and cover me with His banner of protection.

I will find numerous reasons to always rejoice in the preceding days of this new year.

Happy Blessed Birthday to Me.

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