This is the first of its kind and it’s going to be every month. If you need to know what births this, kindly read this post.

Follow this instructions.

  1. Make sure you use all the words we discussed in our WhatsApp class for the month of April
  2. You are very free to use any format as that has nothing to do with your grading.
  3. You can write this composition as you would your day to day informal conversation. You can go as informal as you like.
  4. Submit your composition below, as a comment.
  5. All submission after 11:59pm on Tuesday, 5th of May 2015 will be disqualified


  1. Write an outstanding composition. This could give you up to 60 marks.
  2. Have people reply to your composition, telling us why yours should be considered as the best. You can even invite your friends to do that. The person with the highest (but reasonable) reply can get up to 40 marks too.

But… just do you best and you could be the winner

Let’s roll!

Look at mine….

If there are boys that need to be taken to a rehab., Akpos is sure one: my 7-hour visit to their house is enough to prove my point. It was on a Saturday morning, and a raining day at that. I was so drenched that I could feel my FONTANELLE pulping again. The sight of Akpos 3 month’s old little sister’s POSSET was enough for me to term my visit a bad adventure. But I needed my money; the father owed me that much….


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