A Heart Touching Letter to My Friend (Video)

Friendship is likened to a priceless jewel; when one finds it, one keeps and guides it jealously.

This statement has never been real to me until I found you.

You’ve shown me the true meaning of friendship, and have given me countless reasons to protect what we share.

This is why I will always count myself fortunate to have you in my life.

And being without you is one thing I never want to imagine.

Your kind gestures and sacrificial love have taught me the best way to live.

I just can’t stop thanking you and expressing how much I love you.

And one of my greatest desires is to see you age with me…

…that when we look to the past, we would gladly say, “true friendship is worth it all”

Thank you, dear friend for sticking closer than a brother.

I love you!

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